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Tag Challenge is a social gaming competition in which participants are invited to find “suspects” in a simulated law enforcement search in five different cities throughout North America and Europe on March 31, 2012. In order to win, a participant or team must be the first to successfully locate and photograph all volunteer suspects—the nefarious and elusive “Panther Five”—and submit verifiable photographs to the contest organizers.

A photograph or “mugshot” of each suspect will be posted to the contest website on the day of the event. Each suspect will be wearing a shirt bearing the event logo. The suspect’s face, dress, and the contest logo will be clearly visible in each of the mugshots. Contestants may use only this photograph and any other information provided on the event website to identify each suspect.

The winning strategy will likely involve building a network of spotters and teammates through social media in each of the five cities. The suspects and their back-stories are, of course, entirely fictional. But we’re offering a real “reward” if you can find them: $5000.

Tag Challenge is an independent, nonprofit event, conducted in a spirit of fun and curiosity. The event was conceived and organized by a group of graduate students from six different countries, the outcome of a series of conferences on how social media could be used to improve transatlantic security. For more information, please visit the Contest Rules and our FAQ.

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Please check out the Contest Rules before participating in Tag Challenge.
Tag Challenge is sponsored by the US Department of State and the US Embassy in Prague, in association with the Institute of International Education.
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