What is the point of view in A White Heron?

What is the point of view in A White Heron?

Third Person (Omniscient)

What does the white heron represent quizlet?

-the color of the heron–represents the purity of rural life. What do the hunter and the girls personalities represent? The knife? Her choice not to kill the white heron?

Do you believe Sylvia made the right choice when she protected the white heron explain your answer?

Ultimately, Sylvia makes the right choice based on her beliefs—to do otherwise would have been hypocritical. Although Sylvia chooses to protect the heron, the story seems to indicate that Mrs. Tilley would have made a different decision if it were up to her.

What does the cow represent in the white heron?

In the story “The White Heron,” author Sarah Orne Jewett uses symbolism to convey a story of enlightenment by using the cow to symbolize material existence, the tree to symbolize the journey to enlightenment, and the white heron to symbolize spirituality and enlightenment.

What is the setting of the White Heron?

“A White Heron” is set in the Maine woods, where Jewett’s heroine Sylvia lives on her grandmother’s farm. Though it is a “beautiful place to live in”5, the girl longs for more space, which she finds in the nature surrounding her.

What is the falling action of a white heron?

Climax: Sylvia climbs a pine tree and finds the White Heron. Falling Action: Sylvia must go home and report to the hunter about her findings. Resolution: Sylvia decides that it is best to not tell the hunter the location of the White Heron.

Why did Sylvia not tell the stranger about the heron?

She decides she cannot tell the hunter about the location of the heron because she cannot allow him to take the bird’s life. The story ends with her becoming wiser, having made the moral choice to preserve nature, while still feeling regret over the loss of her friendship with the hunter.

How are similes and metaphors used in A White Heron?

The great pine tree is described with a simile, comparing it to the mainmast on a sailing ship. “The voyaging earth” is an implied metaphor comparing the earth to a ship at sea. The tree is also described through personification, giving it the human ability to feel amazed.

What does Sylvia ultimately decide to do at the end of the white heron?

A young man has arrived in the forest and told Sylvia that he will pay her ten dollars if she can lead him to a rare white heron. Although she’s torn, Sylvia decides to find the heron for the hunter. She climbs the highest tree in the area, has a magical experience, and sees the heron.

What does Sylvia finally decide to do at the end of the story?

To hide from the young man. What does Sylvia finally decide to do at the end of the story? To never climb trees again.

What does the pine tree in the story symbolize in the White Heron?

So the oak and pine can also be read as symbols of sexuality, but instead of being wrapped up in violence and masculinity, here they are all about Sylvia and her own power and pleasure.

How does Sylvia feel about the sportsman?

How does Sylvia feel about the young man the next day? Sylvia is not afraid of the young man anymore. In fact, she has a crush on him.