What is the rarest Holden Commodore?

What is the rarest Holden Commodore?

The rare 1979 Holden VH SL/E Commodore sold for $108,000 on Saturday. It is the only surviving one of just three prototypes that were made before the model was released in 1981. The car was discovered under a sheet in a shed in the Wimmera.

Why did the Holden Commodore fail?

Crucial to Holden’s demise was its failure to properly address the changing nature of the vehicle market in Australia and the surge towards SUVs and small cars as petrol prices rose and buying habits evolved.

What does SS stand for Commodore?

Super Sport
The SS (Super Sport) name for the Holden Commodore rebadged as a Chevrolet has been condemned by a Hebrew newspaper as having a Nazi reference — and threatened with being banned from entry.

What is the rarest car in Australia?

Ford XY Falcon Wagon
A 1970 Ford factory-built 6-door XY Falcon – the only one ever made – is said to be rarer than one of the 3 surviving GTHO Phase IV’s. “This Ford XY Falcon Wagon embodies collectability and could be the rarest car ever manufactured in Australia.

Are VF Commodores reliable?

Upgrades from the first generation Redline made the Commodore the closest thing to a HSV that Holden had ever produced. I’ve had a blast with this car, it has been ultra reliable, Holden themselves were (up until they effectively left town – so to speak – were; from a servicing perspective) absolutely amazing.

Why Australia stopped making cars?

There are several reasons for the closure of Australia’s car manufacturing industry. The Australian market is too small and the industry cannot fully exploit economies of scale. To remain solvent they have no choice but to use cheaper foreign production inputs including both labour and parts.

Are Holden reliable?

The fact is: Holden is on the nose with the Australian public. Poor reliability and atrocious support are well documented – and declining popularity poses the risk of extreme depreciation in three to five years if you make the mistake of buying a Holden today.

What will replace Commodore?

The Camaro
The Camaro will replace the now defunct Holden Commodore as GM’s Supercars racer when the Gen3 rules come into play for the 2023 season.