Who is seigaku captain?

Who is seigaku captain?

Background. Yamato was Seigaku’s captain during Tezuka Kunimitsu,Oishi Shuichiro, Shūsuke Fuji, Kikumaru Eiji, Inui Sadaharu, and Kawamura Takashi’s freshman year.

Does Ryoma become regular?

In the anime, he is chosen as a wildcard for the U.S. Open and goes to it, eventually beating Lleyton Hewitt in the finals. He comes back in the OVA, and although he says he wouldn’t participate with Seigaku, vice captain Shūichiro Oishi goads him into a match to take over his spot as a regular, which Ryoma does.

Is Ryoma Echizen in middle school?

Background. Although only a first year in middle school, Ryoma had already earned notoriety through winning four consecutive titles in the American Junior Tennis tournaments – all in a little over a year.

In what episode seigaku vs Rikkaidai?

Kanto Finals – Rikkai Dai arc

Ep. # Title
116-117 [Special Episode] “Seigaku vs Champion Rikkaidai! I’ll be the One who’ll Win!”
This is it! After one week’s postponement of their match, it’s finally here! But Momoshiro and Kaidoh are missing!
118 “Battle Ceremony”
Momoshiro and Kaidoh vs. Bunta Marui and Jackal Kuwahara.

Who is Ryoma Echizen girlfriend?

Sakuno Ryuzaki
Sakuno Ryuzaki is the love interest of Ryoma Echizen from The Prince of Tennis. Her crush on Ryoma is clear, she hasn’t had a chance to really tell him due to her own shy nature. Ryoma has kindness to her and Sakuno has returned her feelings to Ryoma.

Did Ryoma win U.S. Open?

In the series, Ryoma is portrayed as a twelve-year-old tennis prodigy who won four consecutive Junior Tennis Tournaments in America. His father is Nanjiro Echizen, a former tennis pro nicknamed “Samurai Nanjiro”….

Ryoma Echizen
Nickname Prince of Tennis Samurai Jr.

Did Echizen win US Open?