How do you get live events on PS4?

How do you get live events on PS4?

How to watch a live event on PlayStation

  1. Go to Media and select All Apps > My Videos. The app has the PlayStation Video logo.
  2. Select Live Events.
  3. Select the event and then select Watch.

Is Hidden Agenda free on PS4?

Everyone should download and install the free Hidden Agenda app to their tablet/smartphone from their device’s app store – and then connect their device to the same Wi-Fi network as the PS4™ console.

Can you buy pay-per-view on PS4?

Unfortunately, the PPV event is not currently available through the SHOWTIME app on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5. The PPV event is available for purchase directly through Sony through the PlayStation Store.

Can you watch bt PPV on PS4?

BT Sport is available to watch in more ways than ever before thanks to our large screen app being available on a whole host of devices. These include PlayStation, Xbox, Fire TV, Android TV, NOW TV, Apple TV devices and many more with the full list below.

Can you still play Hidden Agenda?

With Hidden Agenda, Supermassive is offering the same kinds of choices. Only one person had the controller in Until Dawn, and everybody else on the couch had to watch. But thanks to a new Sony PlayStation technology dubbed PlayLink, everybody can now join the game.

How long does it take to beat Hidden Agenda?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 84 2h 10m
Main + Extras 12 4h 35m
Completionists 6 13h 12m
All PlayStyles 102 3h 06m

How Much Is PS Plus premium UK?

PS Plus Premium Explained

Monthly Yearly
UK £13.49 £99.99
Europe €16.99 €119.99
USA $17.99 $119.99
Japan ¥1,550 ¥10,250

Is PS Plus premium worth it?

PS Plus Premium is worth the £99.99/$119.99 yearly fee because it offers 400 PS5 and PS4 games, as well as up to 340 titles from the PS3, PS2, PS One, and PSP. The only disappointing aspect is that PS3 games are only available via cloud streaming.

How do I buy UFC PPV on PS4 UK?

Getting ready for UFC 250 is simple and the perfect way to watch it is through PS4 Live Events. Head to PlayStation Store now from your PS4 and search for “UFC 250: Nunes vs Spencer”. PS4 owners can pre-order the pay-per-view event today. And that’s it: you’re all set!

How can I watch UFC on PS4 UK?

And if you want to watch everything on your console, you will need to make sure you have downloaded the BT Sport App on PS4 or Xbox One. The BT Sport app on PlayStation and Xbox allows BT Sport subscribers to watch all live Sport content on BT Sport 1, 2, 3, ESPN on BT Sport and BoxNation.

Do you need BT Sport to watch PPV?

Re: pay per view – how to view It looks like you need the BT Sport Box Office app.

How do I watch BT Sport on PlayStation?

Head to BT’s site and you can sign up for a Monthly Pass to watch BT Sport’s channels either on apps or online. It’s available on iOS, Android, Chromecast, Chromecast with Google TV, Samsung Smart TV, Xbox One, Apple TV, Android TV, NOW TV devices, Amazon Fire TV devices, Roku players, and Sony PlayStation 4.

How do I use Hidden Agenda on PS4?

All players must play Hidden Agenda in the same room – the fun takes place around one PS4™. Everyone should download and install the free Hidden Agenda app to their tablet/smartphone from their device’s app store – and then connect their device to the same Wi-Fi network as the PS4™ console.

Can you play hidden agenda without phone?

Hidden Agenda’s biggest strengths and weaknesses come from it being tethered to the PlayLink initiative. You need a phone to play this game. There’s no getting around that and playing a solo playthrough with a controller (which would be completely doable).

Can you play Hidden Agenda with 2 players?

Up to six players can play together as long as they’re on the same Wifi network and download the companion app on their compatible mobile devices. Hidden Agenda does not support online network play.

Do you keep PlayStation Plus games?

How long can you keep a PS Plus game? If you cancel your PS Plus subscription, then you’ll lose access to any games you’ve downloaded through PS Plus. Renewing your PS Plus subscription will allow you to regain access to all the games you’ve previously downloaded through the PS Plus program.

Can you watch UFC on PS4 UK?

UFC 249 is going ahead as planned and sports fans can watch all the action this weekend using their PS4 or Xbox One. Due to the event being hosted on BT Sport in the UK, subscribers will have a number of devices they can use to gain access.

Can I watch pay-per-view on PS4?

Live events are a great way to watch pay-per-view events on your PS5™ console or PS4™ console, live or on demand, with no subscription and no commitments.

Can you watch BT box office ps4?