Is there a good ending to BioShock 2?

Is there a good ending to BioShock 2?

There are, technically speaking, six possible endings in BioShock 2. There are three main endings (a good ending, a neutral ending, and a bad ending) along with two possible variations of each.

Which ending in BioShock 2 is canon?

although, What is the canon ending of Bioshock 2? Multiverse. Whether you harvest or save sisters as either Jack or Delta, and whether or not Lamb is saved or dies, each one happens in a different dimension in the Bioshock multiverse. Every single play-through is a canon, regardless of who’s playing.

Which BioShock ending is best?

Getting the Different Endings. Get the best ending by rescuing ALL the Little Sisters. To achieve the Best Ending, every single one of the 21 Little Sisters must be rescued. To rescue a Little Sister, approach her after you have defeated her Big Daddy guardian.

What is the true ending of BioShock?

At the end of BioShock, assuming. They are there at Jack’s deathbed as a family – a family he never truly had. If you decided to be mixed or just plain out merciless towards them, you got the bad ending – Jack takes Fontaine’s genetic key, takes over Rapture himself and becomes the King of Splicers.

What was Sofia Lamb’s plan?

Thus, Lamb began her attempts to create an intellect that would be completely selfless and unerringly good. This plan involved giving the subject massive doses of ADAM, in the hopes to place all the genius of Rapture’s citizens through the transfer of memories stored in ADAM into them.

Does Jack become a Big Daddy?

However, in order to pursue Fontaine, Jack is forced to “become” a Big Daddy to trick a Little Sister into thinking he is one of their protectors. However, this transformation is not complete, as he does not have the suit grafted onto him (he never wears the gloves, either), nor is his mind altered in the process.

What happens if you spare everyone in BioShock 2?

Depending on how many Little Sisters you save/harvest and how many people you spare/kill, Eleanor will have a different final monologue, and Sofia Lamb can live or die. Sparing everyone provides the “best” good end. That said, you can still get a version of the good end by sparing two lives.

How do you get the good ending in BioShock 2?

Big Daddies are arguably the toughest enemies in the game,so use caution when engaging them in combat.

  • Big Daddies fall into two categories: Rosies and Bouncers.
  • The electric Buck bullets with the rapid-fire shotgun are effective on both types of Big Daddies,as they do a lot of damage and pierce through the armor.
  • What are the moral choices in BioShock 2?

    Raffle: Throw the Ball at Fink or the interracial couple who tried to get married.

  • Choosing Cage or Bird Broach to go on Elizabeth’s choker Only effects what broach she’s wearing?
  • Holding up the ticket clerk after the Arcade or demanding a ticket. Demanding: The clerk stabs you through the hand.
  • Shooting or sparing Slate.
  • Is BioShock 2 better than BioShock 1?

    with bioshock 2 have the best gameplay in the series, a better hacking mechanic than bioshock 1, a drill that is way more interesting than the skyhook or wrench but drill fuel was limited to you had to think about the best situations to use it, a story with amazing characters (sofia lamb and sinclair), i dont understand whats not to like, and …

    How many endings are in BioShock 2?

    The opening of Mass Effect 2 shocked the hell out of me during my first playthrough fighting your way through more soldiers. The ending of this scene will shock you, as Jin is callously knocked aside by yet another ball of fire, and faints before