What is the most visited monument in Europe?

What is the most visited monument in Europe?

Eiffel Tower
1. Eiffel Tower in Paris. Eiffel Tower welcomes almost 7 million people a year, making it the most visited paid-for monument in the world.

What is the most beautiful monument in Europe?

The most amazing monuments in Europe

  1. The Atomium. Brussels – Belgium.
  2. The Church of Hallgrimur. Reykjavik – Iceland.
  3. The Cristo Rei. Lisbon – Portugal.
  4. La Sagrada Familia. Barcelona – Spain.
  5. Pena Palace. Sintra – Portugal.
  6. Facteur Cheval Palace. Hauterives – France.
  7. Pisa Tower. Pisa – Italy.
  8. Inntel Hotel Zaandam.

What are 4 famous landmarks in Europe?

1: Eiffel Tower, Paris

  • Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.
  • Paris, France.
  • Colosseum in Rome, Italy.
  • Parthenon in Athens, Greece.
  • Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain.
  • Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain.
  • Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England.
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy.

What is the most historic place in Europe?

Where Are the Most Historical Sites in Europe?

  • Lascaux, France.
  • Colosseum, Italy.
  • Anne Frank’s House, Netherlands.
  • Stonehenge, Britain.
  • Acropolis, Greece.
  • Lübeck, Germany.
  • Newgrange, Ireland.

What is the number 1 tourist attraction in Europe?

1. Eiffel Tower, France. The Eiffel Tower is one of France’s most famous sights.

Where is the most famous monument?

The most famous man-made monuments in the world

  • Eiffel Tower.
  • Great Wall of China.
  • Kremlin.
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa.
  • Pyramid of Giza.
  • Sydney Opera House.
  • Statue of Liberty.
  • Taj Mahal.

Which EU monument is the most visited in 2019?

Notre Dame – Paris, France Art and culture lost a big part of history in the fire of April 15, 2019. Even so, Our Lady of Paris stands tall and consolidates as the most visited monument in the world. Some 12 million people visit this cathedral more than 850 years old.

What are 5 European landmarks?

46 Most Famous European Landmarks

  • Notre-Dame Cathedral, Paris, France.
  • Louvre Museum, Paris, France.
  • The Eiffel Tower, Paris, France.
  • Arc de Triomphe, Paris, France.
  • Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey, Mont Saint-Michel, France.
  • Palace of Versailles, Versailles, France.
  • Big Ben, London, United Kingdom.

What is Europe known for?

Europe’s rich agricultural and industrial diversity has made the continent a center of trade and commerce for centuries. It is centrally located between the two other “Old World” continents, Africa and Asia.

What are two cultural attractions in Europe?

10 Must-See Cultural & Historical Attractions in Europe

  • The Acropolis, Greece. Towering over the city of Athens is this magnificent symbol of classical antiquity.
  • Vatican City, Italy.
  • Stonehenge, England.
  • Trinity College, Ireland.
  • The Alhambra, Spain.
  • The Great Synagogue, Hungary.
  • Alfama, Portugal.
  • The Hofburg, Austria.

Which country in Europe has the most tourist attractions?

Most popular destinations in Europe So let’s find out which country is the most visited in Europe by tourists: France, with 89.9 million visitors every year, making it the most visited country in Europe.