Why does my ventless gas fireplace smell like gas?

Why does my ventless gas fireplace smell like gas?

In a gas ventless fireplace, oxygen is provided by the air in your home. If that air contains impurities, those impurities are drawn in with the oxygen and can produce odors which are amplified by the flame.

How do you get the gas smell out of a ventless fireplace?

Opening the window can help to get rid of some of the odor from a vent-free fireplace. Many vent-free gas fireplaces warm a room up in a hurry, so you may want to open your window to let out a little of the heat — and the smell.

Is it normal to smell gas around a gas fireplace?

The smell you notice when using some gas appliances actually isn’t natural – it’s added to the gas to make it easier to detect a leak. However, it’s perfectly normal for a gas fireplace to vent a small amount of gas when it’s first turned on.

Do ventless gas logs have an odor?

Ventless logs do in fact produce an unmistakable odor, some more so than others depending on the quality of the brand. There is no way of preventing this, it is simply the nature of burning gas in your home without exhausting the fumes up a chimney.

Should a vented gas fireplace smell?

As the waste air for vented forms of gas fireplaces leaves a home, there are typically no smells associated with the normal use of natural vent or direct vent gas fireplaces.

How do I know if my gas fireplace is leaking gas?

Your home methane detectors sound. Your carbon monoxide detectors sound. A stench of “rotten eggs” or a “gas odor” permeates the home. You can hear a hissing sound near your fireplace.

Do ventless gas logs produce carbon monoxide?

Ventless fireplaces produce small amounts of nitrous dioxide and carbon monoxide which can be deadly in large doses. The CDC warns against exposure of any level of carbon monoxide, stating that up to 500 people die per year due to accidental carbon monoxide poisoning.

Do flueless gas fires smell?

Flueless gas fires use fresh air from the room. If the air quality is poor then this poor quality air will be drawn into the fire and burned causing a smell.

How do I stop my fireplace from smelling?

Place vinegar in a few shallow bowls around the room to absorb any smells that pass by. Mix equal parts water and vinegar in a spray bottle and spritz the fireplace area to deodorize at the source. Spray a towel with vinegar and wave it around the room to absorb the fireplace odor.