What ACT score do you need to get into BCTC?

What ACT score do you need to get into BCTC?

Be a US citizen. Demonstrate academic success as measured through grades and class rank. Demonstrate math capability measured through ACT or SAT scores (minimum of 19 ACT).

Is BCTC accredited?

Bluegrass Community and Technical College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award associate degrees.

What is full time at BCTC?

12 credit hours
Full time enrollment (12 credit hours) is required to receive the full Pell Grant award. Students with a semester course load of 1-11 credit hours may be eligible for a prorated portion of their Pell Grant.

What GPA do you need to get into BCTC?

Students must meet KCTCS Dual Credit Assessment & Placement requirements before you can enroll in one or more dual credit courses….Requirements for enrollment into General Education Dual Credit Courses.

Course GPA ACT
College Ready in English 3.0 18
College Ready for Technical Math² 2.8 18

Does BCTC offer scholarships?

Bluegrass Community and Technical College is proud to offer a wide range of scholarships that have been established through the generosity of individual donors, businesses, and foundations.

Is BCTC a trade school?

We offer associate degrees, diplomas and certificates – and we’re here to help you reach your goals. Get started by finding the program that works for you!

What is BCTC known for?

BCTC Mission With students at the heart of our mission, BCTC supports student access, success, and completion of educational goals through comprehensive services, high-quality career and technical education for workforce skills, transfer education for baccalaureate degrees, and life skills development.

How much is BCTC housing?


Category 16 Weeks 8 Weeks
Dep Housing $2,148.00 $1,074.00
Personal $410.00 $205.00
Transportation $1,050.00 $525.00
Tuition $2,148.00 $1,074.00

Does BCTC have housing?

It is important that our prospective international students understand that Bluegrass Community and Technical College does not have designated housing for their students. However, BCTC students are permitted to apply for housing on the neighboring campus of the University of Kentucky.

What is Bctc acceptance rate?

editorial. Bluegrass CTC is a public college located in Lexington, Kentucky. It is a small institution with an enrollment of 4,221 undergraduate students. The Bluegrass CTC acceptance rate is 100%.

How much is Bctc housing?

Is BCTC a good school?

I highly recommend Community Colleges, and BCTC is one of the best around! I have had a lot of amazing teachers at Bluegrass. The community is extremely helpful, and the price is great! The campuses are easy to navigate, and accesible.

How much does it cost to take one class at BCTC?

Tuition & Costs

Tuition Category Cost Per Credit Hour
In-State Students $179/credit hour
Out-of-State Students: From Contiguous Counties* $358/credit hour
Out-of-State Students: Other Out-of-State Students $627/credit hour
Online-Only Courses+ (all students): $179/credit hour

Can BCTC students live on campus?

Does Bctc offer scholarships?

How many students go to BCTC?

14,164 (2010)Bluegrass Community & Technical College / Total enrollment

What is Bctc known for?

Can BCTC students join UK clubs?

The recreation fee allows BCTC students to have access to UK Campus Recreation facilities and programs (except club sports). This includes the Johnson Student Recreation Center, Alumni Gym Fitness Center, Lancaster Aquatic Center, UK Intramural Sports, and other campus recreation programs.

What happens if you fall below SAP?

If you fail to meet SAP standards, you will be placed on financial aid restriction. Students on financial aid restriction are not eligible to receive Federal, state, or institutional financial aid. However, you may be eligible to receive private (alternative) loans, which can be found here.