Who has the fastest hat-trick in football history?

Who has the fastest hat-trick in football history?

Here is a list of the five fastest hat-tricks in Premier League.

  1. Sadio Mane (Southampton 6-1 Aston Villa – 2015) – 16 minutes.
  2. Dwight Yorke (Manchester United 6-1 Arsenal – 2001) – 22 minutes.
  3. Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City 5-1 Wolves – 2022) – 24 minutes.
  4. Jermaine Pennant (Arsenal 6-1 Southampton – 2003) – 26 minutes.

Who has the most hat-tricks in Premier League?

Sergio Aguero
Who has scored the most Premier League hat-tricks?

Rank Player Hat-tricks
1 Sergio Aguero 12
2 Alan Shearer 11
3 Robbie Fowler 9
=4 Thierry Henry 8

Who has scored a double hat-trick in football?

The four players who have scored a double hat-trick are Albert Valentine, Syd Carter, Johnnie Mullington and Andy Scott, two of whom hold all-time club records.

Who scored hat-trick in 70 seconds?

Players who scored the fastest hat-tricks in history

Player Year of record Duration
Alex Torr 2013 70 seconds
Magnus Arvidsson 1995 89 seconds
Tommy Ross 1964 90 seconds
Kosovare Asllani (women) 2021 2 minutes and 34 seconds

Has a defender scored a hat-trick?

Defenders who scored a hat-trick Bernard Dietz, a prolific defender who even captained West Germany during his career scored 4 goals against Bayern in the 1977-78 Bundesliga on 5 November 1977. Atletico’s captain Rever scored a perfect hat-trick on 7 March 2013 in Campeonato Mineiro.

Who scored five goals in one match?

Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi nets five goals in one game for first time in his international career as Argentina rout Estonia – Sports News.

Which player has scored 6 goals in a match?


Player Goals Date
Mascarenhas 6 13 November 1963
Lothar Emmerich 6 10 October 1965
Kiril Milanov 6 16 September 1976
Eldar Hadžimehmedović 6 28 August 2003

Who is the king of hat-trick?

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo holds the record for the active player with most hat-tricks. Lionel Messi has scored 56th hat-tricks in his career for Barcelona and Argentina.