What is quick coupler for excavator?

What is quick coupler for excavator?

Also known as a quick hitch, a quick coupler is a heavy-duty industrial component that allows for the fast and efficient changing of buckets and attachments on industrial machines. Without a quick coupler, workers are required to manually drive out attachments, typically using a hammer.

What is a pin grabber on excavator?

PIN GRABBER COUPLERS. BOOST. PRODUCTIVITY. Change attachments in seconds and share attachments between similar sized excavators for peak productivity.

What is a cat coupler?

Quick Couplers are the high-performance option for Cat® Excavators. Couplers allow one man to change work tools in seconds for maximum performance and flexibility on the job site. One machine can move rapidly from task to task, and a fleet of similarly equipped machines can share a common work tool inventory.

What is a hydraulic quick coupler?

Hydraulic quick couplings provide users with the ability to rapidly connect and disconnect hydraulic hoses to machines or other sections of plumbing. Also called quick-connects or quick disconnects, these fittings allow fluid to flow when the male and female sides are locked together.

What is a pin grabber coupler?

FLEXIBILITY. Pin Grabbing Couplers offer the flexibility to quickly change to any pin-on attachment, expanding the versatility of your machine and ensuring the safety of the operator.

How does a excavator quick hitch work?

A quick hitch is a device that is fitted to an excavator arm or a backhoe arm for the purpose of rapidly mounting/ dismounting attachments. These devices depend on positive hydraulic pressure and a securing mechanism to hold onto buckets and other attachments.

What are the different types of hydraulic couplers?

There are three common types of coupling interfaces used in hydraulics today: thread interface, mated angle, and O-ring.

What is a pin grabber on an excavator?

How many notes are in a 320 l hydraulic excavator?

28320D L Hydraulic Excavatorspecifications 320D L Hydraulic Excavatorspecifications 29 Notes 30320D L Hydraulic Excavatorspecifications Notes 320D L Hydraulic Excavatorspecifications 31 Notes R For more complete information on Cat products, dealer services, and industry solutions, visit us on the web atwww.cat.com

Why choose a caterpillar 320d L excavator?

The Caterpillar 320D L excavator provides all the elements to give you the lowest cost to own and operate. At the end of the day, it all comes down to how much work you got done and how much did it cost you. Caterpillar and the 320D L offer you the tools to help lower your owning and operating costs. Service and Maintenance

What are the capacities of a L hydraulic excavator?

26320D L Hydraulic Excavatorspecifications Load at Maximum Reach Load Point Height Load Radius Over Front Load Radius Over Side Super Long Reach Boom Lift Capacities SUPER LONG REACH STICK– 6.28 m (20’7″)

How much power does a 14320d L hydraulic excavator have?

14320D L Hydraulic Excavatorspecifications Drive Maximum Drawbar Pull 205 kN 46,311 lb Maximum Travel Speed 5.5 kph 3.4 mph Hydraulic System