Does J. Cole own 2014 Forest Hills Drive?

Does J. Cole own 2014 Forest Hills Drive?

2014 Forest Hills Drive is the third studio album by American rapper J. Cole. It was released on December 9, 2014, by ByStorm Entertainment, Columbia Records, Dreamville Records and Roc Nation….

2014 Forest Hills Drive
Producer Illmind J. Cole Phonix Beats Vinylz Willie B
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Is 2014 FHD a concept album?

Off top, it’s important to note that 2014 Forest Hills Drive is a concept album. Its name comes from the address of a home that he once lived in, a home that was eventually taken from his mother and one that the star now owns.

Is 2014 FHD a classic?

J. Cole’s album “2014 Forest Hills Drive” is an absolute classic. Dec. 9 will be the seventh anniversary of its release, and since then, it has been certified triple platinum — an accomplishment done with zero features.

Is 2014 a FHD diamond?

Cole’s 2014 Album “Forest Hills Drive” Is Now Certified Triple Platinum With No Features.

Why is it called Forest Hill Drive?

Five years after his signing, on December 9, 2014, Cole released his third studio album, 2014 Forest Hills Drive, named after the address of his childhood home that he bought back from foreclosure.

Why is Forest Hills Drive so good?

The lyrics are so concise and real, and his wordplay is slick and punchlines witty at a consistent basis. Also, his storytelling is very good and is a common trait in this album. Cole’s flow ranges in speed but is always smooth throughout, and his delivery just like the production fits the mood perfectly.

Is 2014 Forest Hills Drive the best album ever?

2014 Forest Hills Drive is ranked as the best album by J. Cole.

Is FHD a classic?

Sunday night at Jiffy Lube Live, however, J. Cole countered tradition by playing all of last year’s “2014 Forest Hills Drive,” just nine months since its release. Despite what Cole may think, “2014 Forest Hills Drive” is not a classic album — merely a competent one.

Has J. Cole went triple platinum?

Cole World: The Sideline Story was later certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), while “Work Out” was certified two times platinum….

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