Who won Battle of the Aisne?

Who won Battle of the Aisne?

First Battle of the Aisne
Date 13–28 September 1914 Location Aisne River, France 49°26′N 3°40′E Result Indecisive
France United Kingdom Germany
Commanders and leaders

What happened in the Battle of Aisne?

The Germans failed to drive the BEF and the French back across the Aisne River, but the BEF and the French failed to take the Chemin des Dames plateau. The German retreat stopped on the plateau and both sides dug substantial trench networks, which remained the front line for several years.

Who won 2nd Battle of Aisne?

The French
The French achieved a substantial tactical success and took c. 29,000 prisoners but failed to defeat decisively the German armies. The failure had a traumatic effect on the morale of the French army and many divisions mutinied….Second Battle of the Aisne.

Date 16 April – 9 May, 24–26 October 1917
Result Inconclusive

Where was the First Battle of the Aisne?

AisneFirst Battle of the Aisne / LocationThe Aisne is a river in northeastern France. It is a left tributary of the Oise. It gave its name to the French department of Aisne. It was known in the Roman period as Axona.
The river rises in the forest of Argonne, at Rembercourt-Sommaisne, near Sainte-Menehould. Wikipedia

Who won third battle of Aisne?


Third Battle of the Aisne
Date 27 May – 6 June 1918 Location Aisne River near Paris, France 49°23′N 3°44′E Result See Aftermath section Territorial changes Germans achieve 55 km breakthrough of Allied lines that comes within 56 km of Paris
France United Kingdom United States German Empire
Commanders and leaders

Who fought in the Third Battle of the Aisne?

Whilst the first two battles of the Aisne were conducted by Allied forces, predominantly French, against the German army in France, the Third Battle of Aisne, from 27 May-6 June 1918, comprised the final large-scale German attempt to win the war before the arrival of the U.S. Army in France, and followed the Lys …

Who won the battle of the Somme?

More of The Somme The Battle of the Somme (1 July – 18 November 1916) was a joint operation between British and French forces intended to achieve a decisive victory over the Germans on the Western Front after 18 months of trench deadlock.

Who won the third battle of Aisne?

Who won the first battle of champagne?

First Battle of Champagne
Date 20 December 1914 – 17 March 1915 Location Champagne-Ardenne, France 49°11′04″N 04°32′39″E Result Inconclusive
France German Empire
Commanders and leaders

Who won the third Battle of Aisne?

Who won the race to the sea?

The “race” ended on the North Sea coast of Belgium around 19 October, when the last open area from Diksmuide to the North Sea was occupied by Belgian troops who had retreated after the Siege of Antwerp (28 September – 10 October)….Race to the Sea.

Date 17 September – 19 October 1914
Result Indecisive