What are the products of sodium hydroxide and silver nitrate?

What are the products of sodium hydroxide and silver nitrate?

1 NaOH + AgNO3 → H2O + NaNO3 + Ag2O
4 NaOH + AgNO3 + Na2SO3 → H2O + Na2SO4 + NaNO3 + Ag
5 NaOH + AgNO3 + CH2O → H2O + NaNO3 + Ag + HCOONa
6 NaOH + AgNO3 → NaNO3 + AgOH
7 NaOH + AgNO3 + Na2SnO2 → H2O + NaNO3 + Ag + NaSnO3

Will NaOH form a precipitate?

Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) is a base that reacts with aqueous solutions containing metallic ions. The hydroxide (OH-1) ion reacts with metallic ions to form a precipitate, which is a solid.

Does AgNO3 and NaCl form a precipitate?

For example, when an aqueous solution of silver nitrate (AgNO3) is added to the aqueous solution of sodium chloride (NaCl), a white precipitate of silver chloride (AgCl) is formed that is indicated by the following chemical reaction.

Does silver hydroxide form a precipitate?

Silver hydroxide precipitate formed by adding sodium hydroxide (NaOH) to a solution containing silver ions. Silver hydroxide (AgOH) is precipitated out of solution as a brown solid. Addition of sodium hydroxide is used as a test for positive metal ions in solution.

How do you precipitate silver nitrate?

A solution of silver nitrate is combined with a solution of sodium chloride. The resulting solution contains Na+, Ag+, Cl-, and NO3-, but AgCl is not soluble in water. Since Ag+ is now in solution with Cl- the two will combine to form AgCl, and the AgCl will precipitate from solution.

What reacts with AgNO3 to form a white precipitate?

Tert-butyl chloride or (CH3)3C – Cl forms the most stable 3° carbocation. So it will give a white precipitate of AgCl with AgNO3 solution immediately.

What does silver form a precipitate with?

Chloride Ion Soluble chlorides, such as hydrochloric acid, precipitate silver ion as white silver(I) chloride.

What type of reaction is AgNO3 NaCl → AgCl NaNO3?

Double-displacement reaction
The given reaction is an example of Double-displacement reaction.