What episodes are in season 7 of SpongeBob?

What episodes are in season 7 of SpongeBob?

Season 7

  • S7, Ep1. 19 Jul. 2009. Tentacle-Vision/I Heart Dancing.
  • S7, Ep2. 19 Jul. 2009. Growth Spout/Stuck in the Wringer.
  • S7, Ep3. 19 Jul. 2009. Someone’s in the Kitchen with Sandy/The Inside Job.
  • S7, Ep4. 27 Nov. 2009. Greasy Buffoons/Model Sponge.
  • S7, Ep5. 2 Jan. 2010.
  • S7, Ep6. 11 Sep. 2010.
  • S7, Ep7. 24 Mar. 2010.
  • S7, Ep8. 22 Apr. 2010.

How many SpongeBob seasons are on DVD?

In addition, the first twelve seasons have been released on DVD, and are available for Regions 1, 2 and 4 as of January 12, 2021.

What app has all the SpongeBob episodes?

Download the latest version of the Nick App to enjoy full episodes and original videos from hit shows like SpongeBob SquarePants, The Loud House, The Casagrandes, and more!

What platform has all seasons of SpongeBob?

The first six seasons of SpongeBob SquarePants are currently available on Amazon Prime Video for Prime members, and all the seasons are available on Paramount+ along with the new spinoff series Kamp Koral: SpongeBob Under Years.

Is season 7 of SpongeBob good?

The median is the 25th ranked episode, which is Karate Star, and episode I rated Bad (7/20). Therefore, the median rating for season 7 is Bad (7/20). This is the worst SpongeBob season.

Is SpongeBob season 13 on DVD?

The Complete Thirteenth Season is a SpongeBob SquarePants DVD box set that was released on March 1, 2022. it contains all episodes from Season 13.

When did SpongeBob season 8 come out?

March 26, 2011
SpongeBob SquarePants (season 8)

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Original release March 26, 2011 – December 6, 2012
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