What does code pink in hospitals mean?

What does code pink in hospitals mean?

infant or child abduction
Some of the more widely used codes in hospitals include: code pink: infant or child abduction. code orange: hazardous material or spill incident. code silver: active shooter. code violet: violent or combative individual.

What type of alert is code pink?

Code Pink: infant abduction, pediatric emergency and/or obstetrical emergency.

What color code is death in hospital?

Table 1

Emergency Color Code Meaning N (out of 24)
Black Death 1
Orange Hazardous/chemical spill 10
Clear code 3
External disaster 2

What Colour code is a medical emergency?

Medical emergency (Code blue) Bomb threat (Code purple) Infrastructure and other internal emergencies (Code yellow) Personal threat (Code black)

What happens in a code pink?

RESPONSE Hospital wide response to “Code Pink”. In the event of a suspected or actual abduction, “Code Pink” would be announced house-wide for an infant less than 12 months of age. As more information is given to Security, up-dated announcements will be made. notifies Security Control Center by calling 911.

What do you do during a code pink?

Code Pink: Infant Abduction

  1. Respond to the nearest exit and screen everyone leaving the building.
  2. Be alert for people with children or large bags/packages.
  3. Report any suspicious or unusual situations to security immediately.

How do you announce a code pink?

Code pink can be activated by any staff of the hospital by calling 2222 from any intercom device. This line is dedicated only for ‘Code Pink’ and hence will never be busy. A telephone operator is present 24 hours to receive the call. He/she also has a microphone through which a public announcement can be made.

What is code pink at Kaiser?

Code Pink: Infant Secure INFANT ABDUCTION (up to 6 months)

How do you respond to code pink?

Response to a Suspicious Person during a Code Pink / Purple:

  1. Tell them this is an emergency situation.
  2. We also need to check all bags.
  3. If the person refuses, report to Security at ext.
  4. Keep mental note of details, physical description, and behavior.