What does James Jones do now?

What does James Jones do now?

James Andrew Jones (born October 4, 1980) is an American professional basketball executive and former player. He is the general manager for the Phoenix Suns.

How old is James Jones?

41 years (October 4, 1980)James Jones / Age

Who drafted James Jones?

Draft: Green Bay Packers in the 3rd round (78th overall) of the 2007 NFL Draft.

When did James Jones retire?

September 6, 2017
Retirement. On September 6, 2017, Jones announced his retirement from the NFL.

Who is James Jones the notorious Cree?

James Jones (otherwise known as Notorious Cree) is an Indigenous educator that has harnessed the power of social media and technology to reclaim and share his culture.

How is James Jones a GM?

Jones was hired as GM of the Suns on April 11, 2019 and has overseen the team’s rise from Western Conference afterthought to an NBA Finals runner-up in 2020-21.

How many Jones are in the NFL?

There are five Joneses: Marvin, TJ and Andy at receiver, Christian Jones at linebacker and Chris Jones at cornerback. The four Johnsons reside mostly on the lines – Wesley is an offensive lineman, Cam and Toby are on the defensive line and rookie Kerryon is one of the team’s running backs.

Where is James Jones Cree from?

Edmonton, Alberta
This week’s must-follow account is James Jones (@notoriouscree), a 34-year-old Indigenous creator from Edmonton, Alberta. He’s known on TikTok for hoop dancing, which captures your attention mid-scroll.

What tribe is notorious Cree from?

From the Tallcree First Nation in Alberta, Jones started out as a breakdancer when he was a teenager.

Where was James Jones born?

Robinson, ILJames Jones / Place of birth

How many people in the NFL have the last name of Jones?

Top 25 Most Common Last Names in the NFL Quiz Stats

number name % Correct
27 Jones 78.7%
20 Jackson 69.4%
37 Brown 68.6%
24 Davis 46.8%