How do I look up a case law in Canada?

How do I look up a case law in Canada?

CanLII (Canadian Legal Information Institute) – browse or search for Canadian cases by word, name, citation, date, jurisdiction, etc. HeinOnline – browse or search Canada Supreme Court Reports (listed under Case Law) or search for a case citation in HeinOnline using the Case Law tab.

Where can I find Canadian law?

Welcome to the Justice Laws Website, the online source of the consolidated Acts and regulations of Canada. This website provides access to federal Acts and regulations in both official languages, both language versions being equally authoritative. The consolidations are generally updated every two weeks.

How do you research law in Canada?

Key Resources for Canadian Legal Research

  1. Justice Laws Website.
  2. Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII)
  3. Lexis.
  4. Westlaw.

Where are good places to find information about Canadian legal issues?

  • Parliament of Canada, Senate, House of Commons & Library of Parliament
  • Department of Justice
  • Supreme Court of Canada Canadian Judicial System.
  • Federal Court of Canada full text cases 1992 – present.
  • Tax Court of Canada full text cases 1997 – present.

What is the most important Canadian law?

The Constitution is the supreme law of Canada; all other laws must be consistent with the rules set out in it. If they are not, they may not be valid. Since the Charter is part of the Constitution, it is the most important law we have in Canada.

Where can I find legal research?

These include the Legal Journals Index (on Westlaw), Index to Legal Periodicals via Oxlip+ and Google Scholar. You can also widen the scope of your search to outside the legal indexes and search the Social Science Citation Index as well. 3. Identify relevant statutes.

What is WestlawNext Canada?

WestlawNext Canada is an online legal research platform developed by Carswell. You can access it through the Members’ Section.

What are the weekly law reports?

The Weekly Law Reports is a “generalist” series of reports….The Weekly Law Reports

  • Decide a new point of law; or.
  • Modify an existing point of law; or.
  • Explain an existing point of law; or.
  • Provide useful guidance on how a particular principle of law is to be applied.

Does Westlaw have Canadian cases?

This link will take you to the Westlaw homepage. From here select ‘International Materials’, then ‘Canada’, then you can select the ‘Cases’ options. Canadian cases note up automatically in Westlaw through “KeyCite”.

What Westlaw Next?

WestlawNext simplifies your starting point for legal research. At the home page, you can use the text box at the top of the page to find a document by citation or name or search for documents. You can also browse content using the links in the Browse section. FINDING DOCUMENTS BY CITATION OR NAME.

What are the official law reports?

The Official Law Reports: Appeal Cases (AC), Queen’s Bench (QB), Family (Fam), Chancery (Ch) and earlier series of the Law Reports published by the ICLR have been the most authoritative reports (or ‘best report’) since 1865. These reports include summaries of counsels’ argument.

How do I access LawNet?

Please log in with your LawNet log in ID and password(provided by NUS Law Administrators). Other NUS staff and students can access LawNet via the NUS Library portal. Log in with NUS user ID and password. Please refer to the video tutorials on LawNet Basic Search and Advanced search available from the publisher website.

What are the dumbest laws in Canada?

Top 10 Quirky Canadian laws and their origins

  • It is illegal to scare the Queen.
  • It is illegal to create, possess, and sell crime comics.
  • Prohibited to challenge someone to a duel and/or accept an invitation to a duel.
  • It is against the law to use a dog sled on a sidewalk.
  • It is forbidden to own a pet rat.

What are your two most important rights as a Canadian citizen?

Our tradition of liberty which is also known as the Great Charter of Freedom gives every Canadian citizen the following rights: Freedom of conscience and religion. Freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of speech and of the press. Freedom of peaceful assembly.

How many law reports are there in Canada?

At present, there are dozens of law report series in Canada, and the same Supreme Court case might appear in close to a dozen different reports. Different report series offer a profusion of indexing services which often overlap with each other.

What is a law report series?

Some law report series also include annotations or case comments. These are short articles written by academics or lawyers to highlight the significance of the case and to provide critical independent analysis. Finally, the editor sends the manuscript of the case report back to the publishing company for the layout and printing of the reports.

What is the final report submitted to Justice Canada?

Final Report Submitted to Justice Canada by GTA Research Expert Panel on Emerging Crimes: Hosted by the Department of Justice, Canada. In Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Part I – Recent Case Law Principles of Interpretation in Canadian Bijuralism as Applied in the Tax Context: What is the Current State of Affairs?

What is the difference between the Ontario and Dominion Law Reports?

For example, the Dominion Law Reports (DLR) contain cases of note from across the country while the Ontario Reports (OR) cover only cases from Ontario.