What amp did Nirvana use for the Nevermind album?

What amp did Nirvana use for the Nevermind album?

During the Nevermind era, his main amp was a Mesa/Boogie Studio . 22 Preamp with a Crown power amp and 4 x 12 Marshall cabinets. During live shows, the Crown power amp was later replaced with two Crest power amps. During recording sessions, a Fender Bassman was used and a Vox AC30 for a few clean tracks.

Did nirvana use click tracks?

‘Lithium’ was a little harder. That was the only track we used a click track on at the start of the song. Because, for whatever reason, the band kept speeding up really fast. We decided that we wanted to keep it at a real even tempo.

Who mastered Nirvana Nevermind?

Howie Weinberg
Nevermind was mastered on the afternoon of August 2 at the Mastering Lab in Hollywood, California. Howie Weinberg started working alone when no one else arrived at the appointed time in the studio; by the time Nirvana, Andy Wallace, and Gary Gersh arrived, Weinberg had mastered most of the album.

What amp head did Kurt Cobain use?

According to Earnie Bailey, a Seattle guitar repairman who was friends with Novoselic and who often worked as a technician for the band, Cobain’s live rig during this period was a red Epiphone ET270, a solid-state Randall amp head, a BFI Bullfrog 4×12 cabinet and a Boss DS-1 distortion.

Did Pink Floyd record to a click?

Despite being known for their spaced-out sound and heavy use of improvisation, Pink Floyd were actually one of the earliest bands to start using a click track live.

Do professional musicians use click tracks?

Probably just bands that use backing tracks, I’d say. There really isn’t any reason to use one otherwise, unless you’re anal about the speed. Whenever my band plays a gig our drummer will put on a metronome for a couple seconds before each song to get the beat in his head. The rest of us just follow him.

Did Nirvana use loops?

Krist Novoselic’s effects-laden bass groove loops over Grohl’s relatively restrained and almost-funky beat on Come As You Are, with some nice snare and tom fills punctuating the bridge, while Dave rides the crash during the guitar solo.