What did Nyasha struggle with?

What did Nyasha struggle with?

The significance of Nyasha in “Nervous Conditions” involves her apparent rebellious nature and her reluctance to accept the norm. Her unwillingness to conform to the ideals of a sexist society perpetuates her into a constant struggle against the patriarchal system.

What is Tambu’s nervous condition?

Throughout Nervous Conditions, the adult Tambu looks back on her adolescence and her struggle to emerge into adulthood and formulate the foundation on which her adult life would be built. There are essentially two Tambus in the novel, and the narrator Tambu successfully generates tension between them.

What nervous condition does Nyasha develop?

Even the official name of Nyasha’s illness, “Anorexia Nervosa,” recalls the title of the novel, and the predicament in which the “native” finds herself.

What is Tambu’s mother’s warning?

Tambu’s mother blames all the trouble on the young people becoming too influenced by English ways, and she warns Tambu to be careful. Tambu takes the warning seriously and decides to no longer accept everything she is taught at the convent without questioning it.

What happens to Nyasha in Nervous Conditions?

Both happen sporadically at first and only when Nyasha is preparing for exams, but especially after Tambu leaves the mission to attend Sacred Heart, Nyasha’s health takes a turn for the worse. She develops a dangerous eating disorder, and, after about eight months, she’s skeletally thin and faints.

Why does Nyasha have eating disorder?

Nyasha begins to resent her outspoken nature and the constant spirit of resistance she displays, particularly to her father. The transformation leads to self-hatred, a dangerously negative body image that results in an eating disorder, and mental illness.

What does the title Nervous Conditions mean?

The title of Dangarembga’s novel, Nervous Conditions, alludes to the influence imperialism has on the minds of Tambu, Nyasha and Maiguru as they struggle to re-define themselves in a white man’s world.

Who is Lucia Nervous Conditions?

In her novel, Nervous Conditions, Tsitsi Dangarembga depicts her character Lucia as a woman who lives by her own set of rules despite being raised in a strict patriarchal society that has cultural norms set in place for a woman’s role in the family.

Why does Nyasha get an eating disorder?

Meanwhile, Nyasha experiences a mental and physical breakdown and eventually develops anorexia and bulimia after returning to Zimbabwe after a stint in England with brother Chido and their parents. Their struggles are part of a complex situation caused by the two-fold oppression experienced by the women in the novel.

What happens at the end of Nervous Conditions?

At the end of Nervous Conditions, Tambu’s life has taken her even farther away from the homestead, to the convent school where she is without family or friends and must rely solely on herself.

What happens to Nyasha in nervous conditions?

How does nhamo died in nervous conditions?

Nhamo is Tambu’s older brother. He dies in 1968 of mumps, and his death is the reason Tambu gets to go to the mission school at all.