What guitar scales are used in blues?

What guitar scales are used in blues?

The blues scale is esentially a minor pentatonic scale with an added flat fifth. The blues scale formula is 1, b3, 4, b5, 5, b7. The easiest way to remember this scale is to think of it as the minor pentatonic and simply learn where the added notes are within the normal five minor pentatonic positions.

What scales are used in blues music?

The major blues scale is 1, 2,♭3, 3, 5, 6 and the minor is 1, ♭3, 4, ♭5, 5, ♭7.

What key is best for blues guitar?

Blues guitar keys The two most common keys in blues music are E and A. There are others, but these two keys are the most common.

What key is the blues scale in?

What is the blues scale? A blues scale is a six note scale based on the major or minor pentatonic with added chromatic “blue” notes. The blue notes are ♯ 4/♭5 in the minor blues scale and ♭3 in the major blues scale.

What is the blues scale in steps?

The minor scale formula goes like this: Minor 3rd (3 half steps) whole step, half step, half step, minor 3rd, whole step.

How do you work out the blues scale?

To produce a major blues scale, you simply take the major pentatonic scale and add in a blue note, the b3 of the key. This added note gives the major blues scale its bluesy vibe and separates it melodically from the major pentatonic scale.

What does it mean when a guitar tab says full?

a whole-step bend
In formal Guitar TAB, a number is given at the top of the curved arrow to tell us what type of bend to play. ‘1/2’ means a half-step bend, ‘full’ means a whole-step bend, ‘1 1/2’ means a one-and-a-half step bend and so on.

What is the blues scale on guitar?

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  • What are the major blues scales?

    The major blues scale is one of the most important blues scales to know. It is built with tonic (1), second (2), minor third (b3 – passing tone), major third (3), fifth (5) and sixth (6). The major blues scale is a useful device when you want to improvise over major and dominant chords, indeed it will gives some bluesy vibes to your guitar solos.

    How to play the blues scale on guitar?

    Lesson: Playing the Blues Scale on Guitar. Mastering the blues scale will give you the tools you need to improvise over a range of chord progressions,from a classic 12-bar

  • Notes in the A Minor Blues Scale. The intervals that make up the minor blues scale are the same in any key.
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  • What are the best guitar scales to know?

    Whole step

  • Half step
  • Whole step
  • Whole step
  • Half step
  • Whole step
  • Whole step To see that formula in action,let’s apply it to the C Minor scale.
  • 2nd note: D
  • 3rd note: Eb
  • 4th note: F