What is the function of cisterna chyli?

What is the function of cisterna chyli?

The cisterna chyli serves as a valuable landmark for the lymphatic system and typically receives lymph from the right and left lumbar trunks, the intestinal trunk, and some of the lower intercostal vessels ( Fig. 2 ). The lumbar trunks receive lymph from the pelvis, kidneys, adrenals, and most of the abdominal wall.

What is Cisterna Kylie?

Anatomical considerations. The cisterna chyli is the abdominal origin of the thoracic duct, and it receives the bilateral lumbar lymphatic trunks. It is located in the retrocrural space, to the right side and behind of the abdominal aorta.

What organs do cisterna chyli drain?

Thoracic Duct 6-11 and 6-13). The thoracic duct drains the lower extremities, pelvis, abdomen, left side of the thorax, left upper extremity, and left side of the head and neck. It originates at the cisterna chyli (when present) and terminates at the junction of the left subclavian and left internal jugular veins.

Why is the cisterna chyli considered a valuable landmark in surgery?

Cisterna chyli is an important anatomic structure which should be identified and preserved during laparoscopic paraaortic lymphadenectomy. Any iatrogenic injury to cisterna chyli could lead to chylous ascites and indeed in minority of these cases surgical intervention is required.

Is cisterna chyli second heart of body?

cisterna chyli is supposed to be the second heart of humans… In the abdomen, cleansed lymph from the intestines is collected in the cysterna chyli, and, except for the upper R quadrant of the body, is collected into the thoracic duct which empties into the circulatory system through the L subclavian vein .

Is cisterna chyli second heart?

Note that, medically, the term second heart refers to the cisterna chyli, which brings the lymphatic fluids up from the abdomen; however, in this article, second heart is used in a common popular sense of the term as the description of the calf muscle to pump the venous blood toward the heart.

Is cisterna chyli the second heart?

Where is Cisterna Magna located?

medulla oblongata
The cisterna magna lies at the dorsal aspect of the medulla oblongata and continues upward on both anterior and posterior surfaces of the cerebellar vermis. It is continuous with the cerebellomedullary cistern around the medulla.

Where is cisterna chyli located?

The cisterna chyli is a dilated lymphatic sac in the retrocrural space. It is located at the origin of the thoracic duct and is seen in approximately 50% of lymphangiographic studies (,1) and 20% of autopsies (,2).

What system is the cisterna chyli in?

the lymphatic system
The cisterna chyli (CC) (plural: cisternae chyli), also known as the receptaculum chyli, is a normal anatomical structure in the lymphatic system.

What is called the 2nd heart?

It’s your calf muscles! That’s right, your calf muscles are your second heart! The body is engineered so that when you walk, the calf muscles pump venous blood back toward your heart. The veins in your calf act like a reservoir for blood your body does not need in circulation at any given time.

What is the 2nd heart?

Calf Muscle Pump, or “2nd Heart” Leg muscles provide an important pump action designed to recirculate venous blood to the heart; this pump action is referred to as the veno-muscular pump or calf muscle pump, or sometimes the “second heart”.