Do I need a visa for India from Spain?

Do I need a visa for India from Spain?

A Spanish national must have a valid visa before landing in India. Indian immigration laws will not allow entry without a valid visa. However, the Indian Embassy has declared that an India tourist visa for Spanish citizens, valid for 90 days, will be accepted upon arrival.

How do I get a visa for India from Spain?

You must apply for your visa no more than six months, and no fewer than 15 days, before your trip. Then you need to fill out your application, pay a fee of €80 for adults and €40 for minors, obtain all the documents you need for your Spain Visa, and attend an interview at a visa application center BLS.

How much is visa from Spain to India?

The Revised visa fee and BLS service charge are as follows :

Duration Visa Fees in INR
Tourist 6883
Children between 6-12 years 3441
Nationals of Russia, Ucrania, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Moldavia, Georgia and Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 2581
BLS International Service Charge 1329

Do European citizens need visa for India?

Foreign nationals possessing an Overseas Citizen of India card or a Persons of Indian Origin Card are exempt from visa requirements and may live and work in India without any limit of stay.

Is Indian E visa free?

The India e-Visa cost will be determined by the type of visa you apply for. For the Indian e-Tourist Visa (30 days – double entry), you’ll need to pay $25. For the Indian e-Business Visa (365 days – multiple entries), you’ll need to pay $80.

Which European country gives visa easily to Indian?

Switzerland. Switzerland is the easiest country to get a Schengen Visa. It had a rejection percentage of only 5.86% for Indians in 2019. Not only that, France, Italy and Germany surround Switzerland, so you can travel to these major European holiday destinations with minimum travel.

How long does Spain visa take India?

“You can apply for a Spanish Schengen visa up to 3 months before your planned trip. The processing time may take up to 15 days since the day of your application. The Embassy of Spain processes Schengen visa applications in up to 4 days. Real time may differ depending on the time of the year”.

Can I get a visa on arrival in India?

IS IT POSSIBLE TO GET A VISA ON ARRIVAL IN INDIA FOR US CITIZENS? No. Unfortunately, India does not provide visas on arrival to US Citizens. Before your trip you need to apply and obtain your Visa, US citizens who arrive in India without a valid visa will not be allowed to enter.

Which European country does not require visa for Indian?

Serbia is the only European country that Indians can go to without a visa.

Which country visa is most difficult to get for Indian?

Hardest countries to get a visa

  • China.
  • Russia.
  • Saudi Arabia.
  • Bhutan.
  • Pakistan.
  • Nigeria.
  • Turkmenistan.
  • Iran.

Which Schengen country is easy to get visa from Saudi Arabia?

Easiest Schengen visa from Saudi Arabia Lithuania. Estonia. Finland. Iceland.

What happens if you go to India without a visa?

Visas obtained in advance of travel are required for all foreign visitors to India, regardless of country of origin, purpose of visit, or length of stay. International travelers who arrive in India without a passport or visa may be immediately deported.

Who can visit India without visa?

Where Can Indians Travel Without a Visa?

Country Period of Stay
Macau up to 30 days.
Maldives up to 90 days.
Mauritius up to 90 days.
Micronesia up to 30 days.