How much does a Wally 118 cost?

How much does a Wally 118 cost?

US$33 million
Technical specifications. The price of the 118 Wallypower is US$33 million for the triple gas turbine version, or $22 million for twin diesels. It has a range of 1,500 nautical miles (2,800 km) at 9 knots (17 km/h), or 300 nautical miles (560 km) at 60 knots (110 km/h). Fuel capacity is 22,000 liters (5800 US gallons).

Why is Wally 200?

After more than 25 years of creating some of the world’s most revolutionary yachts, Wally has turned its attention to the compact superyacht market in creating the wallywhy200, which measures 200 gross tons and can be registered under 24 meters (78’8”) load line length but conveys the comfort and space of a much larger …

Is the boat in the island real?

The boat is built almost entirely out of carbon fiber, Kevlar, and glass with a teak-deck. The boat features three Vericor TF50 gas turbines, providing a total power output is 16,800 horsepower (12,500 kW).

What is the boat in the island?

the 118 WallyPower
In film. In 2005, the 118 WallyPower featured in the film The Island, starring Ewan McGregor. The yacht appeared as a distant memory in the mind of McGregor’s character. A 2004 Top Gear UK TV episode also featured the 118 WallyPower.

What is the fastest yacht?

Built in 2000 by Allisteros Bazan yard in Spain, Foners is currently the fastest yacht in the world. Topping out with a max speed of 70.1 knots, Foners is propelled by two 1,280hp MAN engines and three Rolls Royce 6,700hp gas turbines driving three Kamewa water jets.

Who Owns The World Is Not Enough yacht?

Inside WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH Yacht • Millenium • 2004 • Owner John Staluppi

Name: World is not enough
IMO: 8656996
Price: US$ 20 million
Annual Running Cost: US$ 2 million
Owner: John Staluppi

Where are Wally Yachts built?

The new Wally models will be built at the Ferretti Group shipyards, in particular the Super Yacht Yard in Ancona will be the reference plant for Wally’s largest yachts.

Why is the yacht 58×38?

Thanks to its specific hull, Why 58×38 requires less power at cruising speed than a boat of equal size. Its diesel-electric propulsion is the most efficient motorisation today, and the surface of the photovoltaic panels, almost 900 square metres, covers most of the boat’s auxiliary system needs.

Is the island in the island real?

Three different real-life separate islands were used in the opening credits of the series. The First season black-and-white version was Sandy Cay, a 3-acre island near the Bahamas in the Caribbean.

Where did they film the island?

The city parts were shot in Detroit, Michigan, with Michigan Central Station one of the notable locations. Other portions of the film were shot in the Coachella Valley, California.

Who owns Galeocerdo?

Galeocerdo was built by Wally in 2003 as WallyPower for Luca Bassani, the founder of Wally. He had no contract for this boat, so Luca Bassani owned the boat for 8 years, before sale in 2012.

Can a 120 foot yacht cross the Atlantic?

Can yachts cross the Pacific and Atlantic oceans? Both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans can be crossed in a yacht. You can cross the Pacific and Atlantic oceans on a sailing yacht or a motor yacht. It would be best to have a big enough tank to hold the amount of fuel you expect to burn.