What is the Interlacustrine region?

What is the Interlacustrine region?

Definition of interlacustrine : of, relating to, or situated in an area between lakes specifically : of, relating to, or situated in the region of Africa that is bounded by Lakes Victoria, Kyoga, Albert, Edward, and Tanganyika Uganda is situated in the interlacustrine highlands of central Africa … —

Where did the Interlacustrine Bantu come from?

This cult focused on a powerful female embandwa called Nyabingi and her associates, whose cult has been ascribed to various sources but may have originated in northern Rwanda, whence it spread rapidly into southwest Uganda.

Which area in East Africa was known as Interlacustrine region?

The early interlacustrine kingdoms Sometime before the middle of the 2nd millennium ce, some of the most interesting developments were occurring in the interlacustrine area—i.e., the region bounded by Lakes Victoria, Kyoga, Albert, Edward, and Tanganyika.

Why did the Bantu choose to settle in the Interlacustrine region?

Reasons why the Bantu settled in the interlacustrine region i) Presence of fertile soils for farming. ii) They receive reliable rainfall for agriculture.

What was Uganda before?

Uganda Protectorate (1894–1962)

Which is the oldest kingdom in East Africa?

The kingdom of Bunyoro
The kingdom of Bunyoro, with about 700,000 people, is in western Uganda along the shores of Lake Albert. It casts itself as the oldest East African kingdom, and is ruled by an Omukama.

Which Bantu kingdom was formed in Kenya?

The Wanga kingdom
The Wanga kingdom is a Bantu kingdom within Kenya, consisting of the Wanga (Abawanga) tribe of the Luhya people (Abaluyia)….Wanga Kingdom.

The Wanga Kingdom is located in Kakamega County, Western Province, Kenya. Kakamega County is shaded red on this map
Tribal Kingdom Kenya
Seat Mumias

Where did the Bantu migrate from?

West-Central Africa
During a wave of expansion that began 4,000 to 5,000 years ago, Bantu-speaking populations – today some 310 million people – gradually left their original homeland of West-Central Africa and traveled to the eastern and southern regions of the continent.

Which tribes are Bantus in Kenya?

The central Bantu speaking communities include the Kamba, Kikuyu, Rmbu, Tharaka, Mbeere and Meru. They are traditionally found in Central and Eastern regions of Kenya, occupying Kitui, Makueni, Machakos, Nyeri, Kirinyaga, Kiambu, Meru and Tharaka Nithi counties.

When did Bantu arrive in Kenya?

Bantu culture most likely reached Kenya from the west, and possibly the south, sometime between 200-1000 AD, having passed through what is now Congo (formerly Zaïre).

Who discovered Uganda?

In the 1860s, while Arabs sought influence from the north, British explorers searching for the source of the Nile arrived in Uganda. They were followed by British Anglican missionaries who arrived in the kingdom of Buganda in 1877 and French Catholic missionaries in 1879.