What musicians died of overdose?

What musicians died of overdose?

Musicians Whose Careers Were Cut Short by Fatal Drug Overdose

  • Jim Morrison. Best known as the lead singer of The Doors, he is also infamous as one of many young musicians who died from a drug overdose.
  • Jimi Hendrix.
  • Janis Joplin.
  • Billie Holiday.
  • Judy Garland.
  • Bon Scott.
  • Kurt Cobain.
  • Michael Jackson.

What famous musician died of a barbiturate overdose?

Others who have died as a result of barbiturate overdose include Pier Angeli, Brian Epstein, Judy Garland, Jimi Hendrix, Marilyn Monroe, Inger Stevens, Dinah Washington, Ellen Wilkinson, and Alan Wilson; in some cases these have been speculated to be suicides as well.

What celebrities died from and addiction?

Jimi Hendrix died from a sleeping pill overdose at age 27.

  • Prince died of an accidental fentanyl overdose at age 57.
  • Heath Ledger died from a prescription drug overdose at age 28.
  • Philip Seymour Hoffman died from a heroin overdose at age 46.
  • Amy Winehouse was addicted to alcohol and died at age 27.
  • Who is the female singer that overdosed?

    Janis Joplin was a soul/blues singer who shot to fame in the 1960s. Her career was cut short at age 27 when she died of a heroin overdose.

    Which musicians died of alcohol?

    12 Musicians Who Drank Themselves to Death

    • 12 Musicians Lost to Alcohol-Related Causes.
    • Amy Winehouse.
    • Billie Holiday.
    • Jimi Hendrix.
    • David Cassidy.
    • Townes Van Zandt.
    • Jim Morrison.
    • Ron “Pigpen” McKernan.

    What famous actors are alcoholics?

    10 Celebrities with Alcoholism

    • Bradley Cooper. Share on Pinterest.
    • Daniel Radcliffe. Share on Pinterest.
    • Carrie Fisher. Share on Pinterest.
    • Billy Joel. Share on Pinterest.
    • Stephen King. Share on Pinterest.
    • Robin Williams. Share on Pinterest.
    • Betty Ford. Share on Pinterest.
    • Mel Gibson. Share on Pinterest.

    Who was with juice when he died?

    Juice WRLD’s team were being held in handcuffs when his seizures began. Juice WRLD’s girlfriend at the time of his death, Ally Lotti, has said that one of the reasons the rapper’s team were unable to get him medical attention was because they were handcuffed while he was convulsing.

    What musician drank himself to death?

    Keith Whitley
    Origin Sandy Hook, Kentucky, U.S.
    Died May 9, 1989 (aged 34) Goodlettsville, Tennessee, U.S.
    Genres Country
    Occupation(s) Singer, songwriter

    Which celebrities are heavy drinkers?