How big is a 1232 jon boat?

How big is a 1232 jon boat?

Alumacraft 1232 JON is a 3.60 meters aluminium boat with accommodation for 2 people and the draft of 0.30 meters. The powerboat with aluminum hull has CE certification class (D) and can go in protected waters.

What is a 1232 jon boat?

At a lightweight 100 lbs. (45.36 kg), the TRACKER® Topper 1232 Jon Boat is easy to transport on top of a car or in a truck bed—and it can still fish 2 people! Crafted from a rugged .

Does tracker still make the topper?

The TRACKER® TOPPER™ 1542 jon boat is built TRACKER-tough to give you and your family years of fishing fun! At just 190-lbs., it can be loaded on the roof rack of some vehicles and in the beds of some trucks….Description.

Year 2020
Hull Material Aluminum
Hull ID BUJ56577H920

Who makes a 1248 jon boat?

2021 WeldBilt 1248
For Work Or Play… A Boat For All Needs! WeldBilt Jon Boats and Duck Boats are one of the best buys for your money on the market today.

How much does a 1232 jon boat weigh?

12 feet (3.65 m) long Jon boat weight capacity
Boat Dry boat weight Carrying capacity
Pelican Intruder 127 pounds (57.5 kg) 420 pounds (190.5 kg)
Smoker Craft 1232 120 pounds (54.5 kg) 390 pounds (177 kg)
Lost Creek 90 pounds (41 kg) 389 pounds (176.5 kg)

How wide is a Tracker Topper 12?


Length 3.63 m 11′ 11”
Beam 1.32 m 4′ 4”
Bottom Width 91.44 cm 3′
Max. Recommended HP 5 HP
Max. Person Capacity (Canada) 2 persons

How wide is a 1436 jon boat?


Length 4.22 m 13′ 10”
Beam 1.35 m 4′ 5”
Bottom Width 91.44 cm 3′
Max. Recommended HP 15 HP
Max. Person Capacity (Canada) 2 persons

How much weight can you put in a 12 ft aluminum boat?

A 12 foot Jon Boat will on average weigh about 120 pounds (54 kilos) not including the motor, and hold around 400-450 pounds (200 kilos) of people and gear.

How wide is 12 foot Tracker jon boat?

Length: 12 ft. 1 in. Bottom Width: 32 in.

How wide is a tracker topper 10w?

3′ 0″

Length 9′ 10″
Beam 4′ 4″
Bottom width 3′ 0″
Max. recommended HP 3 HP
Max. person capacity 2 persons

Who makes the deepest jon boat?

SeaArk is well known for creating the World’s Largest Jon Boat in 1994 at 24 feet long and 72” wide. It has since upped the ante by creating a 26-foot jon boat. In addition to toting the title of World’s Largest Jon Boat, SeaArk Boats can also claim the title of the #1 Catfishing Boat.

How much weight will a 12 foot jon boat hold?

An average 12 feet (3.65 m) long Jon boat weighs 120 pounds (54.5 kg), excluding an engine. It can hold about 400 to 450 pounds (181.5 – 204 kg) of extra load.

Why is my jon boat so unstable?

Overloading Overloading your Jon boat, whether with people or with gear, is likely to make it unstable. The number of people on your boat and their weight is an important factor. Their ability to control their balance and movement in a boat is also very effective.