What is no answer ring duration in Cucm?

What is no answer ring duration in Cucm?

Default is 12 seconds which equates to approx. 3 rings.

How do I increase the number of rings on my Cisco phone?

Resolution. Changing the number of times a Cisco IP Phone rings before forwarding to voice mail or another station is easily accomplished by changing a service parameter. From the Cisco CallManager Administration web pages, select Service > Service Parameters.

What is RNA reversion timeout?

The RNA Reversion Timeout is available (to pullback and re-distribute calls) to the next available or idle Agent. This setting is done at the Line Group level. RNA Reversion Timeout.

How do I reset my call manager?

Restart the CallManager Select the Tools drop down and Control Center – Feature Services. Select CallManager/Server IP and click Go. Under CM Services, select Cisco CallManager. Scroll to bottom and select Restart to restart the service.

What does ring duration mean?

With a custom ring duration, you get to decide how long a user line, Main Line, Department, room phone, or Call Center rings before routing your call to another destination. Let’s take a closer look at how custom ring durations work and how to set them for each of the available lines.

How do I change my Cisco phone settings?

Step 1 Press the Settings button to access the Settings menu. Step 2 Perform one of these actions to display the Network Configuration menu or the Device Configuration menu: Use the Navigation button to select the desired menu and then press the Select softkey.

Why is my Cisco phone not ringing?

Check if the ringtype of the phone is set to Silent Ring; press the Home button, then go to Ringtone > Change > Select (pressing select will toggle between the ringtone options > Play (pressing play will play the selected ringtone). Press Change to apply the changes. 5.

What is pilot hunting?

Hunt pilots are the numbers that will match on dialed digits to invoke the hunting process. A hunt pilot can be called directly or a call may be forwarded to the hunt pilot from an IP phone that received a call and is configured to forward calls to the hunt pilot to provide call coverage.

How do you set up a hunting pilot?

Hunt Pilot

  1. Navigate to Call Routing, Route/Hunt, Hunt Pilot.
  2. Configure the hunt pilot number.
  3. Set the route partition.
  4. Enter a description.
  5. Configure the hunt list; point the pilot number to the hunt list created previously.
  6. Set route options; use Default to route calls to CUC.
  7. Configure the outside dial tone.

How do you reset a Cisco phone?

Unplug the power cable from the phone and then plug it back in. The phone begins its power up cycle. While the phone is powering up, and before the Speaker button flashes on and off.

How can I check my Cucm service status?

To verify that all the activated services are running, from the menu select Tools > Control Center – Feature Services. On this page the status (Started or Not Running) and activation status (Activated or Deactivated) of each service can be checked.