How do I become a Spanish teacher in Missouri?

How do I become a Spanish teacher in Missouri?

Admission Requirements for the Option in Teacher Certification:

  1. A passing score on the designated Missouri Content Assessment.
  2. A 2.75 or higher overall GPA.
  3. Approved results of the Missouri Family Care Safety Registry.
  4. A clear TB test or chest x-ray, if appropriate.

Is there a teacher shortage in Missouri?

Approved Teacher Shortage Report, 2022-2023 The U.S. Department of Education has approved the content areas listed in the 2022-2023 Teacher Shortage Report as areas of critical shortage for the State of Missouri.

What state pays Spanish teachers the most?

1. Nevada

Total Spanish Teacher Jobs: 331
Average Annual Salary: $58,622
Lowest 10 Percent Earn: $44,000
Highest 10 Percent Earn: $76,000

Can I teach Spanish with a Spanish degree?

To teach Spanish in lower, middle, and high school, having a master’s in Spanish or education is generally sufficient. But to teach in higher education, you will need to pursue a doctorate degree. Yes, an addition 6 years or so to become a doctor of Spanish language, culture, literature, or of education.

How do I become a Spanish teacher in the US?

Spanish teachers at all levels are expected to have at least a bachelor’s degree in Spanish, English language arts or another foreign language. Many high school Spanish teachers also hold master’s degrees, either in Spanish or another language or subject, such as history or social studies.

How much does a Spanish teacher get paid?

The salaries of Spanish Teachers in the US range from $12,026 to $317,825 , with a median salary of $58,008 . The middle 57% of Spanish Teachers makes between $58,008 and $144,392, with the top 86% making $317,825.

What countries need Spanish teachers?

Here are the countries where you can teach Spanish abroad and why prepare yourself with Teacher Training before visiting them.

  • United States of America. The United States is the second largest Spanish-speaking country in the world.
  • Brazil.
  • Philippines.
  • Andorra.

Is Missouri a good place for teachers?

Missouri ranked 12th among the 15 Worst States. WalletHub ranked the states based on how they scored in two categories: Opportunity and competition – how competitive salaries were, teacher pensions, and income growth; and.

What is the highest paying school district in Missouri?

1. Clayton School District. Clayton School District has 303 full-time educators, an enrollment of more than 2,600, and a median salary of $78,711. Explore more Clayton School District salary data.