How do I connect my Enphase Envoy to WiFi?

How do I connect my Enphase Envoy to WiFi?

Wi-Fi Setup & Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Unplug both your router/modem and Envoy.
  2. If it is not plugged in, plug the TP-Link USB adapter on one of the USB ports on the Envoy.
  3. Connect the Envoy directly to your router via an ethernet cable.
  4. Plug the Envoy in and wait for it to boot.
  5. You will visit a webpage.

How do I change my Enphase WiFi?

Go to your mobile device’s Wi-Fi Settings screen and connect to the Envoy’s wireless network. The name will include the last six digits of the Envoy serial number. After you’ve confirmed that your mobile device is connected to the Envoy’s wireless network, launch the MyEnlighten app.

Does Enphase need WiFi?

If you purchase the Enphase Mobile Connect USB modem and attach it to either your Envoy-S or IQ Envoy, then you can bypass having a home internet to connect to Enlighten. This would allow you to monitor your remote energy system from your cell phone or some computer that is connected to the world wide web.

How do I find the IP address of my envoy?

1) Connect a laptop to the Envoy using an ethernet cable. 2) Open a web browser (eg. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer) and type the address “169.254. 120.1” into the address bar (you should see this IP address on the display of your Envoy).

How do microinverters communicate with envoy?

As shown in the diagram, one “side” of the Envoy communicates with the microinverters through power lines at the site. The other “side” of the Envoy communicates with the Internet using a standard Ethernet/network cable plugged into the broadband router.

How do I enable AP mode on my envoy?

To enable Wireless AP Mode on the Envoy-S or IQ Envoy: Press and release (do not hold) the AP Mode button ( ) until the AP Mode LED ( ) lights solid green. The Envoy will remain in AP Mode for eight hours.

How do I change my enphase WiFi password?

Get the steps to change or reset your Enlighten password

  1. Select the Account tab.
  2. Click Reset Password from the Account menu.
  3. Enter the password fields as indicated.
  4. Click Reset Password. Enlighten confirms the change with the Your password has been reset successfully message.

How do I reset my Enphase Envoy?

How do I reset my Enphase Envoy? To restart or reboot the Envoy, turn off the Envoy breaker or unplug it from the power outlet (depending on your Envoy model). Wait 30 seconds before powering it back on.

Is Enphase Envoy wireless?

The Enphase Envoy part number ENV-120-02 comes with a wireless adapter (Wi-Fi stick) and an Ethernet cable.

Does enphase require cellular?

Yes, the cellular modem is required. If there is an existing IQ™ series combiner that has a cellular modem on a site, a new modem is not required.

How do I reconnect my envoy?

To reconnect your gateway first select your connection type.

  1. Select the Menu tab from the app Overview pane.
  2. Scroll down to the option “System”, then select “Site Details” from the drop-down.
  3. Open Site Details and note the type of connection in use.

How does Enphase Envoy communicate?

The Gateway communicates with the other solar hardware in your system over your home’s electrical wiring; this is called powerline communications. There is no wireless communication between the Gateway and your microinverters or your Enphase storage solution.