How long is the Elroy Sparta bike trail?

How long is the Elroy Sparta bike trail?

With three rock tunnels and five small towns along its 32.5-mile route, the trail is a favorite Wisconsin bicycling destination. Traveling between Sparta and Elroy, the trail stretches through the communities of Norwalk, Wilton and Kendall, passing by wetlands, prairies, farmland and unglaciated areas.

What is the longest rails to trails?

Longest Rail-Trails in America

  • Katy Trail State Park — Missouri: 240 miles.
  • Palouse to Cascades States Park Trail — Washington: 229 miles.
  • Cowboy Trail — Nebraska: 219 miles.
  • Great Allegheny Passage — Maryland & Pennsylvania: 150 miles.
  • Soo Line Trail – Northern Route — Minnesota: 148 miles.

How much does it cost to use the Elroy Sparta trail?

You must purchase a bike trail pass ($5/day or $20 for an annual pass), which you can find at the Sparta Depot, Kendall Depot (the Elroy Sparta bike trail headquarters), Elroy Commons and outlets in towns along the trail.

Which state has the most Rails to Trails?

Not only has Pennsylvania completed the most rails-to-trails projects – 170, followed by Michigan’s 118 – but it has more projects underway than any other state, according to conservancy data. The Keystone State has also converted more miles of track than all but three other states.

Where does the Elroy-Sparta Bike Trail start?

in Elroy. Take the first left into the parking lot, located behind the Elroy Commons Trail Shop on Railroad St. After you park, look for the 400 State Trail in front of the trail shop.

Where does the Elroy-Sparta trail start?

The trail runs from Elroy to Sparta, connecting the towns of Kendall, Wilton, and Norwalk. There are no tunnels from Elroy to Kendall, and the trail goes thru some open grasslands/fields.

What state has the most paved bike trails?

The great state of Minnesota has made huge strides in its effort to become a world-renowned bike destination. The state is home to over 4,000 miles of paved biking trails — plus plenty more that are quite literally off the beaten path. Minnesota is home to two official United States Bicycle Routes (USBR).

Where is the longest converted rail trail in the US?

The rail-trail is the old Chicago and Northwestern Railroad and rolls across northern Nebraska. When complete, it will be 321 miles, the longest rail to trail conversion in the nation.

Is Elroy-Sparta trail hilly?

Most rail-trails are relatively flat, since trains don’t like steep hills. But the Elroy-Sparta Trail is in Wisconsin’s Driftless Region, aka land of many steep hills. So the trail has steady climbs and descents between its tunnels, with a total elevation gain of 1,162 feet.

What is longest rail-trail in the United States?

What is the longest paved bike trail in the US?

1. The NEW champion is the Paul Bunyan Trail which is a continuously paved trail from Brainerd, Minnesota to Lake Bemidji State Park in Bemidji— a total of 112 paved miles.

Can you ride a road bike on the Elroy-Sparta trail?

However, the answer is “yes” you can ride it with a road bike, in dry weather. Just don’t expect to make good time.