What are the best ar15 mags?

What are the best ar15 mags?

Best AR-15 Magazines

  1. Magpul PMAG M3. Perhaps the most popular AR magazine on the market, with the most name recognition, is the Magpul PMAG.
  2. Lancer Systems AWM.
  3. USGI-Style Magazines.
  4. Magpul D-60 Drum.
  5. SureFire 60-Round “Coffin” Magazine.
  6. 10/30 and 15/30 Hexmag.
  7. 10-Round PMAG.

Are metal AR mags better than plastic?

One of the greatest benefits of steel magazines is their durability. When dropped on the ground, steel magazines are able to stand up to the shock better than aluminum or polymer magazines. Because their feed lips are made from steel, they are less likely to break and cause jamming issues.

Are promag AR-15 magazines any good?

Good mags for the price! I’ve used these mags several times already and find them to be durable and reliable. I can load them up and told them in my range bag with no worries. These magazines are build to last.

Does the military use steel or aluminum magazines?

The black and medium coyote tan are now the only magazines authorized by the USMC for combat and training. The government-designed EPM USGI (aluminum) magazine will be used only for training purposes. The PMAG GEN 3 would be ideal for the M4, M16, M27IAR (Infantry Automatic Rifle) and M249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon).

Are Hexmags as good as magpul?

Both are almost similar in functioning. However, if you are looking to buy new magazines, you may consider investing in a Hexmag. While listed at a cheaper price, they work just as well as Magpul!

Is Duramag any good?

I’ve tried other metal magazines before and they are no where a as reliable as these. Works great and never had a problem with any of the duramag products, highly recommended. I had problems with polymer mags falling out of some of my polymer lowers but these duramag magazines completely resolved the issue.