What happened to River Phoenix the actor?

What happened to River Phoenix the actor?

On October 31, 1993, the 23-year-old actor River Phoenix, who appeared in such films as Stand by Me and My Own Private Idaho, dies of a drug overdose outside a West Hollywood nightclub.

Is River Phoenix related to Joaquin?

River Phoenix was Joaquin’s eldest sibling. River was born on August 23, 1970, and he started showing some acting chops at a very young age. He started off working in TV commercials at the age of 10, before his breakout role came around in the 1986 film Stand by Me.

Which actor was with River Phoenix when he died?

October 31, 1993River Phoenix / Date of death

What does Joaquin mean?

Joaquín is the Spanish language version of Joachim. It is a male name which finds its origin in Hebrew יְהוֹיָקִים‎ (Yehoyaqim) and literally means “lifted by Yahweh”. Jojakim (originally Eljakim) was a king of Judah in the Old Testament. His son was Jojachin. Joaquin.

Who died at Johnny Depp’s club?

The other part owner was Sal Jenco who starred in 21 Jump Street with Depp. The club became known for being a hangout of the young Hollywood elite, and was the site where actor River Phoenix died of a drug overdose on the night before Halloween in 1993….The Viper Room.

Genre(s) Rock
Capacity 250
Opened 1986

Was River Phoenix meant to be titanic?

James Cameron had originally considered River Phoenix for the role, but the young actor tragically passed away before he could be asked to play the leading man part. And Paramount had several actors in mind, including Chris O’Donnell, Billy Crudup, and Stephen Dorff, but the studio’s top pick was Matthew McConaughey.

How much older was River than Joaquin?

River was 4 years older than his younger brother, Joaquin River told Joaquin he would start acting again, and in 2019, Joaquin credited him with his success when receiving the TIFF Tribute Actor Award, according to Insider.

Who died outside The Viper Room?

Actor and musician River Phoenix was in attendance at The Viper Room on Halloween 1993 when he collapsed on the sidewalk outside, and died in hospital shortly afterwards. The cause of death was ruled as multiple drug intoxication.

How many calories did Joaquin Phoenix eat?

In 2018 Phoenix appeared in the film Mary Magdalene playing the role of Jesus. For the role, he reportedly almost starved himself to death by consuming only 300 calories per day.