How do you keep rain off motorcycle helmet visors?

How do you keep rain off motorcycle helmet visors?

Knowing how to keep rain off your motorcycle helmet visor is something a lot of riders could benefit from….

  1. Keeping Your Visor Clean.
  2. Applying Water Repellant Spray.
  3. Squeegee Motorcycle Gloves.
  4. Clip-On Glove Squeegees.
  5. The Head Turn Method.
  6. The Potato Method.

What should you clean motorcycle visors with?

Clean your visor with a non-abrasive cloth. Soak it in warm water and rub some mild soap solution into it. Use your fingers to remove the dirt if you can, it will reduce the chances of scratching the surface of your visor. Allow the visor to drip dry naturally, stood up.

How do you keep rain sticks from visor?

A. Try giving your visor a coat of Raincoat – it claims to waterproof your visor, making it harder for water droplets to stick to it. Also, an alternative method of shifting water is to simply turn your head to one side. The rain will just stream off to the side – providing your travelling fast enough!

What can I use to clean visor?

To clean a helmet visor at home, you’ll need a few microfiber cloths, a wash cloth, and a clean towel. Use a mild dish soap or visor cleaner to clean the exterior surface.

How do you remove scratches from helmet visors?

How to Remove Scratches From Helmet Visors

  1. Remove the visor from the helmet.
  2. Hold the visor under running water. Sand deeper scratches lightly with 1,500-grit sandpaper.
  3. Wipe excess water from the visor with a rag.
  4. Plug in a heat gun.
  5. Turn on a lamp.
  6. Hold the heat gun 4 inches away from the scratched side of the visor.

What should you use to clean your visor?

HELMET VISOR Always use extremely soft or microfiber cleaning cloths on the visor, do not use sponges, course cloths or paper towels as these can damage the visor surface. It is recommended to just wash the visor with warm water and soft cloth only.

How do you clean a plastic face shield?

You’ll also want to clean it after every use. To do this, submerge the protective panel in warm, soapy water first to get any surface contaminants off and then gently clean the surface with a soft sponge or cloth. After that, rinse and gently dry your face shield with a soft towel (cotton or microfiber).

Can you put RainX on motorcycle visors?

Years ago, RainX and a few other things were proven in Motorcyclist to make a shield brittle and it didn’t take very long either. I use 303 protectant as it is fully plastic safe and it works pretty well. Cleaning the shield frequently is the best fix really.