Is Amar Akbar Anthony Malayalam hit or flop?

Is Amar Akbar Anthony Malayalam hit or flop?

The production of Amar Akbar Anthony was completed in 65 days. It earned a major commercial success at the box office.

Who is the heroine of Amar Akbar Anthony Telugu movie?

LayaYoung Aishwarya’s mother
Ileana D’CruzAishwaryaAbhiramiAmar’s motherSlokaYoung Aishwarya
Amar Akbar Anthony/Actresses

Amar Akbar Anthony is a 2018 Indian Telugu-language action film co-written and directed by Sreenu Vaitla which features Ravi Teja in his first triple role and Ileana D’Cruz playing the female lead in her comeback in Telugu cinema after six years.

Who is the villain in Amar Akbar Anthony?

Jeevan has played a villain in many films but his role as Robert in Amar Akbar Anthony is something worth an applause.

Who is the director of Amar Akbar Anthony Malayalam movie?

NadirshaAmar Akbar Anthony / DirectorNadhirshah is an Indian film director, music composer, singer, lyricist, actor, mimicry artist, comedian, and television host, who works in Malayalam films, television and stage. He has done several supporting roles in Malayalam cinema. Wikipedia

Who is the script writer of Amar Akbar Anthony?

Kader Khan
Prayag RajK.K. Shukla
Amar, Akbar and Anthony/Screenplay

Where can I watch Amar Akbar Anthony Malayalam movie?

Watch Amar Akbar Anthony (Malayalam) | Prime Video.

What is the age of Parveen Babi?

50 years (1954–2005)Parveen Babi / Age at death

How old is Vinod Khanna?

70 years (1946–2017)Vinod Khanna / Age at death

Is Amar Akbar Anthony a remake?

In Pakistan, the film was unofficially remade in Punjabi as Akbar Amar Anthony (1978)….

Amar Akbar Anthony
Starring Vinod Khanna Rishi Kapoor Amitabh Bachchan Shabana Azmi Neetu Singh Parveen Babi Nirupa Roy Pran Jeevan
Cinematography Peter Pereira

What is the story of Amar Akbar Anthony?

Separated as children, three brothers (Vinod Khanna, Rishi Kapoor, Amitabh Bachchan) reunite by coincidence and band together to rescue one’s girlfriend.Amar, Akbar and Anthony / Film synopsis

What happened to Parveen?

Parveen Babi died 17 years ago on 20 January, 2005. But as far as the film industry was concerned, she died a long time before, after she was reportedly diagnosed as schizophrenic.