Is SlimPort the same as MHL?

Is SlimPort the same as MHL?

What is the main difference? The key difference is that MHL outputs through the HDMI standard, whilst SlimPort uses the VESA standard meaning it can output to HDMI as well as VGA, DVI and DisplayPort.

What does a SlimPort do?

Browse Encyclopedia ( that lets people view images and HD video content in their mobile devices on a TV or monitor. Based on the Mobility DisplayPort standard, SlimPort enhances the Micro USB port found on many smartphones and tablets.

What is a SlimPort adapter?

SlimPort (also called MyDP) technology delivers uncompressed HD video and audio over a Micro-USB cable. MyDP devices can be powered while in use with the included Micro-USB cable.

What is a SlimPort HDMI adapter for?

The Cable Matters SlimPort to HDMI cable is an essential accessory to connect SlimPort enabled mobile devices to an HDTV or display with HDMI input. SlimPort (also called MyDP) technology delivers uncompressed HD video and audio over a Micro-USB cable.

Do all Android phones support MHL?

MHL was one the first major wired standard for connecting Android smartphones and tablets to TVs, and is supported by many Android phones and tablets (list here). It uses a clever system that allows both power and audio/video to be sent through your device’s micro USB port.

Can I connect tablet to TV with USB?

Android – Using a USB Cable For Android devices, a USB cable can help you connect your phone or tablet to your TV, provided it has a USB port. If you’re connecting to a smart TV, go to Source>USB to enable file transfers, instead of just charging the phone or tablet via the TV.

Can I make my phone MHL compatible?

To use the MHL output from a mobile device using a micro-USB connector, the MHL output must be converted by using an MHL adapter. MHL can only be adapted to HDMI. Although many mobile devices use the micro-USB connector and the MHL adapters can plug into your mobile device, the mobile device still requires MHL support.

Does my device support MHL?

All you need to do is simple visit the ‘Do I Have MHL? ‘ page on the official MHL website, and if your phone features on the list, congrats, your phone does support MHL!

What is a SlimPort Adaptor?