How much do Harry Winston engagement rings cost?

How much do Harry Winston engagement rings cost?

$20,000 to $30,000
How much is Harry Winston engagement ring? These awe-inspiring engagement rings can cost anything from $20,000 to $30,000 or more. The price for each ring varies depending on color, clarity, and the carat weight of the ring.

Is Harry Winston a good brand?

Harry Winston is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious jewelry manufacturers in the world. The company has its headquarters in New York City, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Swiss Swatch Group, which acquired it from the Toronto-based Harry Winston Diamond Corporation in January 2013.

How much are Harry Winston wedding bands?

Starting from $1,300 * Wedding vows are precious, cherished, everlasting. As equally treasured and durable, platinum is the supreme symbol of your loving commitment. This traditional platinum wedding band is expertly handcrafted from one of the world’s finest, purest metals that will last for many generations to come.

Does Harry Winston do financing?

Harry Winston Financing Options Customers must use private financing when purchasing a diamond or engagement ring from Harry Winston.

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How much did Harry Winston pay for the Hope Diamond?

Harry Winston Sends $350 Million Hope Diamond Through Registered Mail. The Hope Diamond is one of the most well-known and expensive diamonds in the world.

Why are Harry Winston rings so expensive?

Exclusivity: One of the most significant selling points of Harry Winston jewelry is the exclusivity that they offer their clients. One-of-a-kind designer pieces are created for each collection, with each piece created to bring out the best of each gem or diamond.

How can you tell if a ring is Harry Winston?

Next, look at the edges of the metal, particularly where the metal comes in contact with the the skin. If the metal is discolored and exposes another color underneath then the piece is likely fake. Look out for a patina on the piece as well as Harry Winston does not typically use silver.