What is the Tagalog of polluted?

What is the Tagalog of polluted?

Translation for word Polluted in Tagalog is : salaulain.

What is water pollution in the Philippines?

On its website, Greenpeace reports the water pollution in the Philippines is mostly wastewater from the following sources: 1. Industrial: The metal varies according to industry — lead, mercury, chromium, cadmium and cyanide. 2.

What is the cause of water pollution?

run-off from agricultural land containing substances including pest control products, animal medicines, slurry, sewage sludge and manure. run-off and leaching from contaminated land. silt and dust from mining, quarrying, construction and demolition. groundwater drainage discharging from disused mines.

What is the meaning of Polusyon?

Definition for the Tagalog word polusyon: polusyón. [noun] pollution.

What is recycle in Tagalog?

The English word “recycle” can be translated as the following words in Tagalog: 1.) resiklo – [noun] recycle; recycling more… 2.) pagrerecycle – [noun] recycling; the act of recycling more…

What are the causes and effect of water pollution?

Causes of Water Pollution. Many industries dump industrial waste, such as hazardous chemicals, into bodies of water before treatment. It eventually pollutes the water. The dumping of hazardous substances reduces the oxygen levels in the water, resulting in pollution.

What are examples of water pollution?

Examples include wastewater (also called effluent) discharged legally or illegally by a manufacturer, oil refinery, or wastewater treatment facility, as well as contamination from leaking septic systems, chemical and oil spills, and illegal dumping.

What is the Filipino word of driver?

1.) pahinante – [noun] unskilled laborer; porter; driver; more… 2.) pamamasada – [noun] driver; professional driver more…

What are the water problems in the Philippines?

Water supplies in parts of the Philippines are frequently scarce and, as a consequence, supplies are frequently shut down to preserve capacity. Six to eight months of the year are largely dry: during these months, acute water shortages occur and people rely on drinking water sources that may not be safe.

Why is pollution a problem in the Philippines?

The main source of pollution is untreated domestic and industrial wastewater. Only one third of Philippine river systems are considered suitable for public water supply. It is estimated that in 2025, water availability will be marginal in most major cities and in 8 of the 19 major river basins.

What are the 10 examples of water pollution?

This section gives information about the most significant sources of water pollution.

  • Sewage (Waste Water) Sewage is another name for waste water from domestic and industrial processes.
  • Agricultural Pollution.
  • Oil Pollution.
  • Radioactive Substances.
  • River dumping.
  • Marine Dumping.

What are the types of water pollution?

What Are the Different Types of Water Pollution?

  • Chemical pollution.
  • Groundwater pollution.
  • Microbiological pollution.
  • Nutrient pollution.
  • Oxygen-depletion pollution.
  • Surface water pollution.

What is Pahinante in English?

[noun] porter; driver; unskilled laborer. Root: pahinante.

What is Kutsero?

coachman; driver of a horse-drawn vehicle.