What song is playing when Olivia gets kidnapped?

What song is playing when Olivia gets kidnapped?

The episode featured the songs “Don’t You Worry ’bout a Thing” by Stevie Wonder and “Sunny” by Bobby Hebb. The episode focuses solely on Olivia’s kidnapping as she is kidnapped from her apartment and being held hostage in a building for several weeks.

Why did Stephen from Scandal leave?

Former Lost star Cusick was a series regular on the ABC drama’s first season as Stephen Finch, but will not return for season two. Rhimes told TV Guide that the actor’s contract was not renewed since his character was not receiving sufficient screen time. “Henry Ian Cusick is such a great guy,” said the showrunner.

How many episodes are in Scandal season 4?

1Scandal / Number of episodes

What is Fitz and Olivia’s song?

The Light
The song “The Light ” by The Album Leaf is usually played in Olivia and Fitz’s scenes throughout the series.

What song always plays in Scandal?

Placing the storyline in Washington, D.C., with Olivia Pope on the scene, the show presses play on Marvin Gaye’s “Mercy, Mercy Me” and Nina Simone’s “I Shall Be Released” — two artists known for their personal activism on behalf of the Black community, and two songs that speak to what the conscience of a nation should …

Who leaked the photos of Fitz and Olivia?

Turns out Elizabeth North (Portia de Rossi) leaked photos of Olivia and the president, and Abby (Darby Stanchfield) totally called her out. Weirdly, all Abby wants out of the situation is to be Elizabeth’s equal/BFF, so guess it all worked out in the end. You know, minus Olivia and Fitz’s relationship going public.

How did Mellie find out about Olivia?

Season 3, Episode 17 Olivia knows that Mellie wanted to do a paternity test for one of her kids and she confronts her about it. But midway through the heated argument, Olivia turns. She realizes things don’t add up, that Mellie would never be this careless.

Who killed Jerry Grant Jr?

Tom Larsen
About. Jerry Grant Jr.’s assassination was ordered by Rowan (B613 Command) and carried out by by Tom Larsen. Rowan wanted to teach Fitz Grant a lesson and punish him for taking his daughter Olivia Pope from him.