How much do interns make at Sandia National Labs?

How much do interns make at Sandia National Labs?

Sandia National Laboratories Salaries

Job Title Salary
Intern – Hourly salaries – 52 salaries reported $56,699/yr
Student salaries – 26 salaries reported $48,869/yr
Graduate salaries – 21 salaries reported $76,255/yr
R&D salaries – 20 salaries reported $63,357/yr

When should I Apply for internships?

As a general rule, it’s a good idea to apply for internships early, as much as six months prior to their start date. Don’t worry if you are late in the process since many internships, especially unpaid ones, can be arranged as late as a month in advance of the summer or semester you are targeting.

What do they do at Sandia National Laboratory?

It is Sandia’s mission to maintain the reliability and surety of nuclear weapon systems, conduct research and development in arms control and nonproliferation technologies, and investigate methods for the disposal of the United States’ nuclear weapons program’s hazardous waste.

Are Sandia interns paid?

Graduate professional interns are paid hourly according to the type of job classification and their level of advancement toward an MS/MA or PhD degree. PhD graduate pay is available only for PhD students who have advanced to candidacy after completing their courses and exams, as verified by the school advisor.

Is Sandia National Labs a federal agency?

A government-owned, contractor operated (GOCO) Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC). GO = As an agency of the government, the Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) owns all Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) facilities and is a sponsor for Sandia’s FFRDC status.

Are national lab employees federal employees?

Most Federal laboratories are GOGOs (Government Owned/Government Operated); all but one of DOE’s laboratories (NETL) are GOCOs. freedom than GOGO scientists. GOCO employees can assert copyrights, consult with industry, and participate in start-ups based on technology developed at the laboratory.

What are the qualifications for an internship?

Organizations may require a formal application, resume, cover letter, transcripts, two or three letters of recommendation, as well as an essay on why you’re interested in interning for the company or some other related question. Not all internships have the same requirements.

Are Sandia Labs employees government employees?

Does Lockheed Martin own Sandia Labs?

Sandia National Laboratories, a Federally Funded Research and Development Center(FFRDC), is managed and operated for the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) by Sandia Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lockheed Martin Corporation (LMC).