What are the areas in South 24 Parganas?

What are the areas in South 24 Parganas?

The district comprises five subdivisions: Alipore Sadar, Baruipur, Diamond Harbour, Canning and Kakdwip. Alipore is the district headquarters. There are 33 police stations, 29 community development blocks, 7 municipalities and 312 gram panchayats in the district.

Where is South 24 Parganas start?

South 24 Parganas is, indeed, a complex district, stretching from the metropolitan Kolkata to the remote riverine villages upto the mouth of Bay of Bengal, Apart from its staggering size and population, the district administration has to contend with problems t…

What is the capital of South 24 Parganas?

South 24 Parganas district

South 24 Parganas district দক্ষিণ চব্বিশ পরগণা জেলা
Headquarters Alipore
• Lok Sabha constituencies Jaynagar, Maturapur, Diamond Harbour, Jadavpur, Kolkata Dakshin

Why is South 24 Parganas famous?

The South 24 Parganas are gifted with some great tourist spots. The low lying plains of the region are fertile and full of mangrove forests owing to the deposits of river Ganges. The place contains world’s largest delta – the Sundarbans.

How many villages are there in South 24 Parganas?

1,994 villages
When it comes to villages, there are about 1,994 villages in south twenty four parganas district.

Why is Parganas called 24?

Etymology. The name is derived from the number of parganas or divisions contained in the Zamindari of Calcutta which was ceded to the East India Company by Mir Jafar in 1757.

Why is it called 24 paraganas?

Is South 24 Parganas a city?

South 24 Parganas is an important district of West Bengal, India. The district is famous for the delta region called the Sundarban, which is a tourist sport that witnesses people from all over the world.

How many tehsils are there in South 24 Parganas?

Complete South 24 Parganas in West Bengal Tehsil / Taluk Name List

S.No Tehsil / Taluk Name District Name
24 Kakdwip South 24 Parganas
25 Kulpi South 24 Parganas
26 Kultali South 24 Parganas
27 Magrahat – I South 24 Parganas

How many Muslims are in South 24 Parganas?

Total population of South Twenty Four Parganas district is 8,161,961 as per census 2011….South Twenty Four Parganas District Religion Census 2011.

District South Twenty Four Parganas
Muslim 35.57 %
Christian 0.81 %
Sikh 0.03 %
Buddhist 0.03 %

How many SDO are there in South 24 Parganas?

five sub divisions
Presently there are five sub divisions (Alipore, Baruipur, Canning, Diamond Harbour and Kakdwip), 29 blocks and 7 Municipalities.

How many MLA are there in South 24 Parganas?


Sl No. No. & Name of A.C. Name of MLA
1 127-Gosaba (SC) JAYANTA NASKAR
2 128-Basanti (SC) SHYAMAL MONDAL
3 129-Kultali (SC) Ganesh Chandra Mondal
4 130- Patharpratima SAMIR KUMAR JANA