What is the area of Etah district?

What is the area of Etah district?

2,102 mi²Etah / Area

What is the meaning of Etah?


Acronym Definition
ETAH Penn State Total Artificial Heart

Who is the DM of Etah?

Who’s Who

Name Designation Address
ANKIT KUMAR AGRAWAL D.M/Collector Collectorate Etah
Shri Alok Kumar A.D.M (E) Collectorate Etah
Shri Sunil Kumar A.D.M (F/R) Collectorate Etah
Shri Shiv Kumar SDM Sadar Etah Tehsil Sadar G.T Road, Etah

How is the DM of Etah?

ANKIT KUMAR AGRAWAL | District Etah , Government of Uttarpradesh | India.

What is population of Etah?

Etah district is a part of Aligarh Division. It is dominated by Yadavs and Rajputs. According to the 2011 census Etah district has a population of 1,761,152. This gives it a ranking of 272nd in India (out of a total of 640 Districts).

What is the capital of Etah?

Etah is a municipality city which is also the headquarters of Etah District of the Uttar Pradesh state in India. Etah district is a part of the Aligarh Division and is located at the midpoint of the Delhi-Kanpur Highway(NH 91) Known as G.T Road. The nearest Big cities are Aligarh and Agra.

Who is IPS of Etah?

Udai Shanker Singh IPS appointed SP- Etah, UP | Indian Bureaucracy is an Exclusive News Portal.

Who is CMO Etah?

Dr. Umesh Kumar Tripathi
Who’s Who

Name Designation Email
Dr. Navneet Kumar Principal
Dr. Umesh Kumar Tripathi C.M.O cmoeth[at]up[dot]nic[dot]in
Dr. Ashok Kumar C.M.S
Dr. Rajesh Agrawal C.M.S

Is Navniet Sekera alive?

Navniet Sekera (born 22 October 1971) is a 1996 batch IPS officer of Uttar Pradesh cadre, who is currently serving as the Additional Director General (ADG) of Uttar Pradesh Police….

Navniet Sekera
Years active 1996–present
Employer Government of India
Organization Indian Police Service
Spouse(s) Pooja Sekera

Who is DM Etah?

Is Bhaukaal true story?

Bhaukaal 2 is a 10-episodic-web-series inspired by the life of IPS officer Navniet Sekera that sees Mohit Raina as the heroic S.S.P Naveen Sikhera, who puts service before self and brings alive the story of Muzaffarnagar, UP and its saga of lawlessness in 2003.

Who is real IPS of Bhaukaal?

Why is Navniet Sekera famous?

Navniet is focused on the empowerment of the girl child and women. He was the man behind the concept of ‘Women Power Line 1090,’ which was started by the UP government in 2012.

Why is Navneet Sikera famous?

Navneet Sekera is known as an encounter specialist. He reached IIT after first competing in the engineering entrance exam, became an engineer and then passed the UPSC exam and became an IPS. As a police officer, he did such things that his image was supercop (Super Cop) became. Let’s know about them.