Who scored in Man U vs Man City?

Who scored in Man U vs Man City?

Manchester City have defeated Manchester United 4-1, with two goals from Kevin de Bruyne and two goals from Riyad Mahrez. Jadon Sancho’s goal is long forgotten, as the Sky Blues take the three points.

What year did Man City win Man U 6 1?

While Manchester United fans would love to erase Oct. 23, 2011 from their collective consciousness, it’s a date that will live long in the memories of Manchester City supporters and all followers of the Premier League.

When did Man City beat Man Utd 5 1?

“We’ve enjoyed some incredible moments over the past decade and beating United 5-1 back in 1989 can’t be compared to any of that, but back then, for many City fans and families, it’s still a very powerful and happy memory to have because there wasn’t much else to shout about back then.

Who scored the 4 goals for Manchester United?

player Ole Gunnar Solskjær
In 1999, Manchester United player Ole Gunnar Solskjær scored four goals in twelve minutes as a substitute against Nottingham Forest, “the fastest scorer of a four-goal haul on record in England”….Hat-tricks.

() Number of times player scored a hat-trick (only for players with multiple hat-tricks)

Did Man U lose today?

Middlesbrough win 8-7 on penalties.

Who scored when City beat United 6 1?

The biggest victories have been to City, who have won 6–1 on two occasions in the official league (both times in the away fixture at Old Trafford); on 23 January 1926 and 23 October 2011….Top goalscorers.

Player Club Goals
Dennis Viollet Manchester United 7

When did Ferguson retire?

Ferguson announced his retirement back in 2013 after winning as many as 13 Premier League titles and two Champions League trophies. Nine years after calling time on his 26-year spell at Old Trafford, Ferguson is earning two million pounds per year as a Manchester United ambassador, according to the Sun.

Who owned Man City?

City Football GroupManchester City F.C. / Owner