How Do I Live chat with Telstra?

How Do I Live chat with Telstra?

Open the My Telstra app, go to the Get help tab and tap the blue message icon. Or scroll down to Contact Us and tap Messaging.

Is there a Telstra chat?

My Telstra Messaging Messaging is an easy way to get in touch. Unlike Live Chat, you don’t need to standby online for a response – you’ll get a notification each time we reply.

How do I contact Telstra support?

(877) 835-7872Telstra / Customer service

Can you contact Telstra by email?

Lodge a complaint in the My Telstra app A quick and easy way to lodge a complaint is to message us in the My Telstra app. Your feedback will be picked up and managed by a case manager within one business day. Messaging works just like text messages or email, so you can talk to us when it suits you best.

How do I access My Telstra modem?

For cable modems without adapter – enter or http://telstra.gateway/ For Telstra Smart Modem™ or Telstra Gateway Frontier® enter or http://mygateway/

How do I reset My Telstra modem?

Reset your Telstra Smart Modem to factory settings To do this, use a paperclip (or something similar) to press and hold the reset hole at the back of your Telstra Smart Modem, and keep it pressed in for 15 seconds. Allow 2-5 minutes for the modem to reconnect to the internet.

How do I restart My Telstra modem?

Restart your modem:

  1. Remove the power cable from your modem for 10 seconds, then plug it back in.
  2. Wait 1-2 minutes for the modem to settle and go ‘green’, now check to see if your devices are connecting. This is a ‘reboot’ and can often solve connection problems.

Why is Telstra Wi-Fi not working?

If your broadband isn’t working, it might be because of an outage on the nbn network, on the Telstra network in your area, or due to maintenance. Check if there’s an outage in your neighbourhood on Telstra Outages.

How do I escalate a problem with Telstra?

You can also lodge your complaint in one of the following ways:

  1. Post your complaint letter to: Telstra Complaints. Locked Bag 20026. Melbourne VIC 3001.
  2. Contact us on 13 22 00 and say ‘complaints’