How old is the State Farm Center?

How old is the State Farm Center?

59State Farm Center / Age (c. 1963)

When did State Farm Center open?

March 2, 1963State Farm Center / Opened

How big is the State Farm Center?

In seating capacity, State Farm Center ranks among the great arenas of major cities. It has nearly 15,500 permanent seats, but when portable chairs are placed on the floor for an in-the-round performance there is a potential of up to 16,500 depending on the size of the stage.

When was Assembly Hall in Champaign built?

May 3, 1963

Fast Facts about Assembly Hall
Date Built: May 3, 1963 (Dedication)
Full Name: Assembly Hall
Full History: Assembly Hall History
Photo Gallery: Assembly Hall Photo Gallery

When was Statefarm center renovated?

The State Farm Center began renovations after the 2013–14 men’s basketball season. Work included adding luxury suites, club/loge seating, new blue seats included in the renovation.

Who plays at State Farm Center?

Illinois Fighting Illini men’s basketballState Farm Center / Team

How many seats does State Farm Center have?

15,500State Farm Center / Capacity

Who designed the Assembly Hall in Champaign Illinois?

architect Max Abramovitz
The Assembly Hall at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign was built in 1963. Designed by the Modernist architect Max Abramovitz, an alumnus of the university, it seats over 16,000 in a perfect circle.

Who owns the State Farm Center in Champaign Illinois?

the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
The State Farm Center is a large dome-shaped 15,544-seat indoor arena located in Champaign, Illinois, owned and operated by the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign….State Farm Center.

Owner University of Illinois
Operator University of Illinois