Which offensive lineman has allowed the most sacks?

Which offensive lineman has allowed the most sacks?

Interpreted as:

Ben Roethlisberger 249 554
Tom Brady 318 543
Brett Favre 302 525
John Elway 234 516

Who allowed the most sacks in 2020?

Carson Wentz was sacked the most in 2020, with 50 sacks.

Which team has allowed the most sacks?

Chicago Bears
The Chicago Bears got sacked the most by a team in 2021, with 58 sacks.

Chicago Bears 2021 3.7
Baltimore Ravens 2021 2.9
Cincinnati Bengals 2021 2.5
New York Jets 2021 3.3

Who allowed the most sacks in 2021?

Joe Burrow 2021 sacks Burrow led the league with the most games with at least five sacks (five), according to Stathead, and easily ran away with the title of most-sacked quarterback in the 2021 season.

Who is the best offensive lineman ever?

NFL: Best Offensive Linemen Of All-Time

  • Anthony Muñoz.
  • Art Shell.
  • Larry Allen.
  • Jackie Slater.
  • Slater was voted to play in seven Pro Bowls, and made it to Super Bowl XIV with the Rams in 1979.

Who allowed the least sacks?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers got sacked the fewest by a team in 2021, with 23 sacks.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2021 101.6
Buffalo Bills 2021 91.3
Kansas City Chiefs 2021 98.1
New England Patriots 2021 95.5

Which team has allowed fewest sacks?

Yes, the Detroit Lions really have allowed the fewest sacks of any team in the NFL, although they don’t sack anyone either.

Which quarterback has been sacked the most in 2021?

Joe Burrow
Joe Burrow was sacked the most by a quarterback in 2021, with 51 sacks.

Who has the heaviest offensive line in the NFL?

Daniel Faalele registered a weight of 384 lbs at the NFL combine last month. That was the third highest value for an offensive lineman at the combine in NFL history. Only Jamie Nails (387 in 1997) and Aaron Gibson (386 in 1999) were heavier at the combine….

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