Who owns NZ pine forests?

Who owns NZ pine forests?

The Crown owns most native forests. Through the Department of Conservation, it manages about 5.2 million hectares of New Zealand’s tall indigenous forests for the conservation of biodiversity, heritage, and recreation.

Who owns the biggest logging company?

Who are the top lumber producers in the U.S. today? Weyerhaeuser ranks number one for lumber production capacity, followed by Georgia-Pacific. The top 10 lumber producers in the U.S. have the capacity to produce 18.9 billion board feet of lumber and own 113 sawmills.

How big is the forestry industry NZ?

Forestry is an important industry for New Zealand an annual gross income of around $6.7 billion. 1.6% of New Zealand’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) to the employment of around 35,000 people in wood production, processing, and the commercial sector.

Where does NZ export logs to?

Total exports of forestry products from New Zealand for the year were $6.4 billion. Of total forestry exports, 48% went to China. The value of sawn timber exports reached $891 million.

Who is the biggest landowner in NZ?

The 10 largest freehold landowners in New Zealand are:

  • Roberts and Apatu families (41,296 hectares combined.
  • Michael Spencer (35,942 hectares.
  • Port Blakely Limited (35,889 hectares)
  • Global Forest Partners LLC (33,706 hectares)
  • New Zealand Carbon Farming (28,365 hectares)
  • Wairakei Pastoral Limited (27,634 hectares)

Does Bill Gates own land in New Zealand?

Another hedge fund billionaire, Paul Tudor Jones II, has large properties in New Zealand. Bill Gates has property in Nelson, New Zealand’s sunniest region, at the northwestern tip of South Island.

Who is the biggest logging company in the world?

West Fraser Timber Co Ltd
Highest production of sawn wood in The World

Rank Company Production or Capacity [m3/yr]
1 West Fraser Timber Co Ltd 8460000
2 Canfor 6900000
3 Weyerhaeuser 6449000

What is the biggest logging company?

According to Global Wood Markets Info (GWMI), the Canadian company West Fraser is the largest softwood lumber supplier in the world. In 2018, West Fraser produced 6.6 billion board feet of lumber products.

Is there logging in New Zealand?

Introduction. Plantation forests occupy about 7% of the NZ land area and forestry and logging employ about 7,000 people directly. About 50,000 ha., or 25 million m3, is harvested each year.

What is the biggest forest in New Zealand?

Kaingaroa Forest
Kaingaroa Forest covers 2900 km² of the Bay of Plenty region of New Zealand, and is the largest forest plantation in New Zealand, and the second largest in the Southern Hemisphere (after the 6000km² Sabie/Graskop plantation in South Africa).

What does China use NZ wood for?

Each year New Zealand sends millions of logs to China, most of which are only used for concrete formwork or exported back here as timber for our construction industry.

How much is a pine tree worth NZ?

Price per tree should range from $0.50 – $1.00 for 1 year-old forestry stock (2020 prices).