How do I contact Auckland Council?

How do I contact Auckland Council?

Report problems at home

  1. Call Watercare on 09 442 2222.
  2. Call Veolia on 09 295 0515.
  3. Call Auckland Council on 09 301 0101. Hotline 24 hours, seven days.
  4. Call Auckland Council on 09 301 0101.

When did Auckland become a supercity?

1 November 2010
The council began operating on 1 November 2010, combining the functions of the previous regional council and the region’s seven city and district councils into one “super council” or “super city”.

Is Auckland Council open today?

Our service centres are open. Map, opening hours, parking and services available at the Bledisloe Lane Service Centre in the city centre.

How do I email Auckland Council?

Send an email to [email protected] and include: your name. property address. your contact number.

How much do Auckland Councillors get paid?

Proposed annual remuneration $106,306 base remuneration (effective from the day after the official election result is declared). All councillors are members of the Governing Body.

Is Auckland a supercity?

Local reporting is vital to a thriving and connected community. Help us keep telling Auckland’s stories by making a contribution. When Auckland’s eight local bodies amalgamated into Australasia’s biggest single council, Franklinites, Westies and Shore folk suddenly became Aucklanders in a newly formed super city.

Can you go to the beach in Level 3?

Scenarios at Level 3 Public and school playgrounds are closed. You are able to drive within your region to play in a public space for example a beach or a park – however physical distancing (2 metres) should be maintained.

Are public toilets open in Level 3?

“Under Alert Level 3, most public toilets should be closed, however given that the Step 2 rules allow increased outdoor recreational activity we have opened more public toilets to meet demand and ensure hygiene standards are kept up,” Crewe said. “…