What do Delta Sigma Theta say?

What do Delta Sigma Theta say?

Intelligence is the Torch of Wisdom

Delta Sigma Theta
Mission statement Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated is an organization of college educated women committed to the constructive development of its members and to public service with a primary focus on the Black community.
Motto “Intelligence is the Torch of Wisdom”
Colors Crimson Cream

Why should I pledge Delta Sigma Theta?

Becoming a member of Delta Sigma Theta means joining an organization with over 350,000 initiated members. With a strong focus on Sisterhood, Scholarship, and Service we are committed to the highest ethical, intellectual, cultural and moral standards.

What are some good chants for DST?

These chants are used a lot in yard stomps or competitive chanting. In addition to just chanting, DST also has songs that support their mission and who they are, as well as their bond to one another. If You Ever is a powerful song that discusses the long road of college, sisterhood and the sorority itself.

What does the Sweetheart Song mean in DST?

The sweetheart song is a tribute to their love and commitment to one another. It shows the dedication and sisterhood that these women feel toward. It is sung on several occasions including weddings and graduation. This is another song that shows their commitment to DST and their sisters.

What does the Delta chant mean?

In this Delta chant, members compare themselves to other sorority groups. It is a fun little play on words that shows how this group stands out. For example, the lyrics compare them to other groups like Alphas and Zetas. This is a good chant for recruitment to display.

Why do sororities chant?

Among sorority members, like Delta Sigma Theta, chants are a way to show belonging and sisterhood. Whether they are singing the praise and pride of their members, remembering their founders or urging members on to greatness, these chants and songs are inspiring.