What does USSSA stand for?

What does USSSA stand for?

United States Specialty Sports Association
USSSA | United States Specialty Sports Association.

Is there a USSSA app?

The USSSA mobile app allows USSSA participants, coaches, directors, family and friends to keep up with all of their favorite USSSA sporting events.

How do I register a player on USSSA?

Your team manager will add your name to the team’s roster. After the roster add is completed, you’ll be emailed an invitation and sent a text message with a validation code. You’ll need the code to create your player account. Once this has been done you will not need to create a player account again.

What league is USSSA?

USSSA was originally founded in 1968 in Petersburg, Virginia, but moved to a new headquarters in Space Coast Stadium in Viera, Florida in the spring of 2017. USSSA took over the Space Coast Stadium complex from the Washington Nationals baseball club….United States Specialty Sports Association.

Formation 1968
Website https://usssa.com

Can USSSA bats be used in USA?

In conclusion, USSSA bats are not permitted to be used in game play in any of the USA Baseball member organizations (Rec League). However, Outlaw players can use either the USA licensed bats or USSSA licensed bats.

How do I get a USSSA account?

If you go through all steps in this process your player will be ready and eligible to complete in USSSA events.

  1. STEP 1: LINK Click here to Create your Account. STEP 1 HELP ARTICLE. Create a New User Account.
  2. STEP 2: On link above, choose, “Register Someone Else” Create your Player.

Is USSSA the same as USA Baseball?

The first thing to know is that USA Baseball and USAAA are both sport governing organizations – USA Baseball is specific to baseball as the name implies while USSSA, or the United States Specialty Sports Association, governs several sports one of which is baseball.

What does it mean to be USSSA sanctioned?

USSSA’s Policy on Abuse & Molestation USSSA sanctions athletic events in which it provides rules for play and a tournament structure that leads to end of season tournament opportunities for teams that register to participate in USSSA sanctioned activities that are overseen by USSSA directors.

Can you use USSSA bats in Little League?

The bats currently on the market, which are marked with a 1.15BPF stamp, will no longer be legal for play in these leagues. USSSA youth baseball will NOT be implementing this rule change to the bats.

Can you use USSSA bats in Cal Ripken?

13u ONLY: Bat weight may not exceed -8. 14u & Older: Players must use BBCOR designations and weight may not exceed -3. All-Age Groups: Ripken Baseball follows the USSSA list of banned/withdrawn bats.